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UCB and UCLA would be top picks if they were stock says Forbes writer

In a recent Forbes article, “Buys and Sells: If Colleges Were Stock”, Rich Karlgaard states emphatically what he believes to be the impending doom for small private liberal arts colleges.

 “The expensive liberal arts colleges in America are going down–fast and hard. Schools like Haverford and Smith are extremely vulnerable. The return on a four-year $250,000 investment in such colleges will be poor in future years.”

By his reckoning, the universities to watch in the future are the American universities in the Global Top Ten. This list includes UC Berkeley. He also puts bets on UCLA – and community colleges, which he sees as a vital untapped resource.

His article is a great read.

Lindy King

CA College Transfer offers college admissions services to students hoping to transfer to a UC. Lindy King is the author of the best-selling UC transfer book, "How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College," now in its 3rd edition. Available on Amazon and iTunes.

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