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Transfer GPAs For Engineering Majors, Berkeley 2015

Transfer GPAs for Engineering Majors, Berkeley 2015

Today and tomorrow I am posting charts specifically devoted to Engineering applicants at both Berkeley and UCLA.  Today’s focus is Berkeley, and as I noted in a previous post (Transfer GPA by Major for Every UC) this is the first time the average GPAs of admitted transfer students have been publicly available across all UC platforms.  What makes this data so important is it very clearly lets aspiring UC transfers know what GPA is needed to be a competitive student. Ideally, you want to fall in the 25-75% percentile range. While there are applicants who get in with GPAs below the 25th percentile, there aren’t that many, so your best bet is to try and fit snuggly within the mid-range noted (the higher the better).

So moving on, below are the statistics for all the majors in the College of Engineering at Berkeley. These are (1) Bioengineering, (2) Ciivil Engineering, (3) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, (4) Engineering Physics, (5) Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and (6) Mechanical Engineering.

UPDATE: To see 2016 Engineering stats, click here.

Engineering majors GPA Berkeley

admits-engineer -Berkeley

You can find all the above information, as well as stats on engineering for every UC at:

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