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Open UCs, Waitlists, SIR, Reporting BAD Grades

Here are a few updates relevant to transfer:

July 1: Some UC Campuses Accepting Applications

A few campuses will be accepting applications during the month of July for enrollment in the winter/spring 2017 terms:

  • UC Merced – Freshmen and Transfers for Winter Quarter 2017
  • UC Riverside – TBD
  • UC Santa Cruz – Transfers for Winter Quarter 2017

Reporting poor grades after accepting an offer of admission

Students who receive grades of D or F for the last term of enrollment must immediately contact the admissions office at the campus they will be attending to learn if the poor grade will impact the students’ offer of admission.

It is helpful if the student informs us of final grades in all courses to show a balanced perspective of the academic accomplishments for the term.

Waitlist update

The University is still determining its capacity to admit any additional students for the coming fall term. A few campuses will continue to hold waitlists until sometime early summer. Because of the uncertainty, UC encourages students who have already received an offer of admission at another institution or UC campus to continue with their plans to attend elsewhere.

Duplicate Statements of Intent to Register (SIR’s)

We understand that some students may have been (recently) offered a space off the way list from a UC campus. However, if an applicant has submitted a SIR to more than one UC campus, they must cancel their SIR at the campus which they no longer plan to attend. The SIR deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

In addition, if a student’s plans have changed and they will no longer enroll at UC in the fall, it is extremely helpful to UC campuses if students inform us of their change of plans.

To cancel a duplicate SIR or inform us of plans to no longer attend, please follow the instructions HERE.

July 1: Official Transcript Deadline

July 15: Other Official Document Deadline

Students admitted for Fall 2016 must submit final, official high school and college/university transcripts by July 1.

Other required documents, such as official AP/IB exam scores and IGETC Certification, are due July 15.

Schools and colleges unable to meet the July 1st deadline should write to to inform the University.  The information will be shared with all UC campuses.

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