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UC Transfer Application Statistics, 2015-2016

UC Transfer Application Statistics, 2015-2016

Below is information on (1) the number of transfer applicants by campus, (2) the admission numbers, and (3) the actual enrollments.  You will notice that the applicants that actually enroll are substantially lower than the admit numbers, obviously due to the ability to choose multiple UCs.

Transfer Application Data by Campus, 2015-2016

4.San Diego16,2738,1692,679
6.Santa Barbara14,8086,9461,541
8.Santa Cruz8,8304,9371,139

*UCLA figures are for Fall 2016-2017.
** Merced figures are for Fall 2014-2015 and does not take into account the “Count Me In” Program, which allows competitive applicants who did not receive admission to another UC to be admitted to Merced.

Davis: those are the numbers provided but that’s a very high admit number. Possibly erroneous. 

Source: Common data sets for each UC.

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