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Next Gen Assist And Delay Of UC Articulations

Next Gen Assist and Delay of UC Articulations

I’ve had a post in draft mode for two years now waiting for the new updated ASSIST website to unveil.

The current is antiquated and decidedly NOT user friendly, and I can guarantee the revamped Next Gen Assist is going to be fantastic. It’s been set to unveil in summer 2015, then summer 2016, then summer 2017, and now sometime in 2018 (Jan-summer). It’s been a difficult undertaking, but I do think the end is near.

Fall 2017 articulation agreements vs. Fall 2018 articulation agreements

What I want to mention in this post is that because of the delays with moving things to the updated site, the fall 2018 articulations agreements on Assist are not all up to speed.  

The University has announced that for the most part the majors at all the UCs will honor the articulation agreements set up for 2016-2017. There may be exceptions so you or an advisor should follow up with the department, depending on your UC choice.  It’s hard to imagine if Assist is messed up that the UC will hold a student accountable. It seems easier to just use the previous year’s agreement than create a nightmare scenario with everyone trying to run down new requirements.  That’s my opinion anyway, but be aware that the University is insisting on a student follow up in some instances, particularly in the case of San Diego. You need to heed that advice.

Will the campus honor the 2016-2017 articulation agreement for fall 2018:

Berkeley: Yes
Davis: Yes, with exceptions
Irvine: Yes
Merced: Yes
Riverside: Yes, with exceptions
San Diego: NO
Santa Barbara: Yes
Santa Cruz: Yes

As a fun aside, as a way to demonstrate the complicated nature of these sorts of changes, check out my post, Why is Berkeley on the Semester System

Next Gen Assist

I have attached a few screenshots of the Next Gen Assist as it was about a year ago. The site has most likely changed a bit (or a lot) since then. But it at least gives you a fairly good idea of the new improved look and user efficiency. The second edition of my book How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College has  an appendix on Next Gen Assist and how to navigate it — at least as it was then.

Assist has always been difficult to navigate and this new site should improve transfer efficiency enormously.

This story is evolving…

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