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2019 UC Transfer Admission Notification Dates

2019 UC Transfer Admission Notification Dates

The waiting is the hardest part.

I’m getting a head start on transfer notification announcements for each UC.

Bookmark this page because I will update often.

UC Berkeley

2019:  Friday, April 19
Haas interview requests: starting ?

2018:  Friday, April 27, 3p
–Haas interview requests started March 22 (3 waves)
2017:  Friday, April 28, 3:30p
2016:  Friday, April 29, 3:30p
2015:  Friday, April 24, 4:40p

UCB portal

UC Davis

2019:  Late April; TAG notifications Nov 15

2018:  Friday, April 27, 3p
2017:  April 21, starting at 3p
2016: Friday, April 22, 2p
2015:  Friday, April 17 (Regents announcement came with the acceptance notices.)

UCD portal

UC Irvine

2019:  Honors/TAG notifications, early March (then rolling through late April)

2018:  TAG admittances, March 21 (excrutiatingly slow roll started April 6) 
2017: April 19 at 3p; big drop April 21. (TAG/Honors-to-Honors got accepted  March 14)
2016: Started Thursday, April 14, with a huge drop on Friday, April 22. Regents notices/acceptances first week of March
2015:  Friday, April 24-30, with Regents notices/acceptances on April 4.

UCI portal


2019:  Late April

2018:  Wed, April 25, 5:10p
2017: Wed, April 26, 5p
2016: Friday, April 22, 5p
2015: Friday, April 17

UCLA portal

UC Merced

2019:  Mid-March

2018:  Tues, March 20, possibly started earlier (rolling) 
2017:  started in April (rolling)
2016: started for a few Friday, March 4 (rolling)
Count Me In Program: Competitive applicants not accepted to the other UCs to which they applied are usually offered space at Merced.  I assume it will occur this year, as well.

UCM portal

UC Riverside

2019:  Wed, March 6 (rolling thereafter)

2018: Mon, March 5 (rolling)
2017:  March 14 – May 4 (rolling)
2016: started on Tuesday, March 1 – April (rolling)

UCR portal

UC San Diego

2019:  Late April

2018:  Thurs, April 26, 5:40p
2017:  small drop March 10; Main drop: April 21 and April 24
2016: Friday, March 11 early drop, then a long dead space (which is usually how UCSD operates). Main drop on Friday, April 22
2015: Same as above, an early drop, then silence, with main announcement around Friday, April 17

UCSD portal

UC Santa Barbara

2019:  Tues, March 19, 2p (first roll-out); then April 1, 15, and 30

2018:  Mon, March 19, April 1, April 16 (rolling April 17-May 1); TAG interspersed
2017:  March 21, 2p (rolling)
2016: Friday, March 22 at 2p through April (rolling)
2015:  Monday, March 16 -April 30 (very slow roll-out)

UCSB portal

UC Santa Cruz

2019: Sunday, March 17, midnight (first roll-out)

2018: Tues, March 13 (rolling)
2017:  March 17 –  April 30, 2017 (rolling); some heard May 1
2016: Thursday, March 17 through April (rolling); although some didn’t hear until early May

UCSC portal

Finally, the UCs will not always send an email notification (in fact, more often than not they don’t). So be sure to check your portal.

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  1. I got an email from UCI saying they would release a decision by “Early Spring”. I’m an honors to honors applicant though.

  2. I tried to login in my UCR account today to check for admission status but it seems like the server is down, does anybody has any Idea why is that?

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