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Appeal Letters, Waitlists, and Augmented Reviews

Appeal Letters:
You’re devastated that your got a rejection notice. However, there may still be options, depending on your circumstances. These options usually include new or compelling information not noted when you applied (and which were in place during the application period). Sometimes, as well, there are errors on the UC’s part.  I’ve helped navigate students back into Berkeley and UCLA after rejections. Of course, it’s all about your circumstances. My services include going carefully over your application, listening to your new information or finding a possible error that can be addressed, and then helping formulate the best possible appeals letter. 

Augmented Review: 
You may get an Augmented Review (also known as a Supplemental) in January or February, asking you to answer a series of questions. The supplementals are divided into three types: (1) hardship/disability; (2) talent/accomplishment; and (3) academic borderline. Which one you get will depend on what is in your application. Academic borderline almost always means you are on the fence but still in the running. It is  therefore important to answer these questions wisely and carefully. I offer guidance through brainstorming to final revision, with close attention to what the UC is looking for in its request, and how to position the response for optimal effect.

Ms King was amazing!! I was working on my UC Berkeley appeal and she was able to take my mumbo jumbo of thoughts, solidify them and translate them into something eloquent, while still maintaining my…read more

I was really impressed with how well my appeal letter came out after I showed it to you and you discussed how it should be streamlined and more focused. I don't know how well my…read more

Appeal/Waitlist Letters

Unlimited guidance with appeal letters or waitlist essay options. Includes, brainstorming, analysis, and guidance through final revision.

Augmented Review Premium

Brainstorming, guidance and continuous support through final edit of Augmented Reviews.

Augmented Review Basic

For those who are secure with their answers, but would like a 1x read-through of content with suggestions and edits.



unlimited support start to finish

Waitlist Letters:  $135
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Augmented Review


2 read-throughs with

Augmented Review
1 read-through with suggestions

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