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Appeal and Waitlist Letters

Appeal Letters:
You’re devastated you got a rejection notice. However, there may still be options, depending on your circumstances. These options usually include new or compelling information. Sometimes, as well, there are errors on the UC’s part. I’ve helped navigate both freshmen and transfer students back into Berkeley and UCLA after rejections. Of course, it’s all about your circumstances. My service includes ONE phone call or Zoom meeting (limited to 20 minutes) to formulate the best possible appeal letter, followed by TWO rounds of very detailed edits/suggestions on my part.

Waitlist Letters
While in some ways a waitlist letter is easier than an appeals letter in that you’re essentially reaffirming your desire to attend that UC, there is also an added component that is time consuming, and that is really driving home what about that campus is unique. In other words, you need to sell to the admissions office that you understand the department and that this knowledge makes you the ideal candidate.  Service has the same rules as above appeal.

Augmented Review: 
A few applicants may get an Augmented Review (also known as a Supplemental) in January or February, asking a series of questions. The supplementals are divided into three types: (1) hardship/disability; (2) talent/accomplishment; and (3) academic borderline. Which one you get will depend on what is in your application. Academic borderline almost always means you are on the fence but still in the running. This is the most important one. Obviously, you want to try and figure out why they decided to send it (they’re looking for something, right?), but they tend to be relatively easy to answer in relation to everything else. You can always run it by me and I might even answer gratis (meaning for free).

I was really impressed with how well my appeal letter came out after I showed it to you and you discussed how it should be streamlined and more focused. I don't know how well my…read more

Ms King was amazing!! I was working on my UC Berkeley appeal and she was able to take my mumbo jumbo of thoughts, solidify them and translate them into something eloquent, while still maintaining my…read more

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If submitting to multiple campuses with
minimal changes needed, or a simple read-through,
contact me for a quote


Appeal or Waitlist

1 Zoom and two detailed edits 

Message me for more information.


price varies depending on needs

Augmented Review
examination of application and tips on what they want to hear

All payments run through PayPal. No transactions occur on our site.

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