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Revisions: 1st Edition to 2nd Edition

Changes or additions to the second edition include the following:

  1. The Personal Statements chapter has been updated to reflect the new Personal Insights. Much of the chapter remains consistent with the first edition  (same strategies and tips, etc). The changes specific to the Personal Insights can be found here.
  2. Transfer Pathways has been expanded from 10 to 21.  Info on that can be found here.
  3. SIR deposit: Now $250.
  4. If choosing IGETC for Berkeley, you must have Full IGETC by final spring. Berkeley no longer accepts Partial IGETC.
  5. Personal Insights only read by Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego, Merced and Irvine during the application process.
  6. UC and CCC data has been updated to reflect the most recent available year. Any updates can be found here.
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