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Appeal letter  

Double rainbow

I got accepted to UCSB, UCD and UCSC but was declined at UCI. I was planning to appeal because UCI is my first choice but now with the deadline approaching I’m not sure. Everyone says I need new information from last semester or earlier. I can’t use anything recent? I hope you can answer this quickly.

Posted : 12/05/2019 2:23 am
Lindy King

This is a pertinent question because for years the UCs have made it crystal clear that they want new and compelling information that happened at the time of the application submission or earlier, something you neglected to mention or inadvertently left out. The reason for this is to keep the playing field fair, so all applicants are reporting info from the same time frame. This was how I would counsel my students. However, these last two years I have seen more and more situations in which the UCs are accepting new information from these final winter/spring terms, despite public protestations to the contrary.  In fact, one UC actually responded in an email to me a few weeks ago that info from this spring was acceptable.

So like all things UC, I have come to the conclusion that almost nothing is set in stone.  If you feel you have compelling evidence that positions you in a new light and makes you a stronger candidate, then by all means submit. An appeal usually is resolved in a couple of weeks, so it shouldn't disrupt your college plans too much, the way a waitlist can.

Posted : 12/05/2019 9:57 am
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