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Is IGETC Required

Lindy King

IGETC is not a requirement to transfer. Many students at a CCC do not complete it, as a matter of fact.  However, these are usually STEM majors and IGETC can become an obstacle due to the high number of major courses needed.  Instead, STEMS often do general breadth which includes, in addition to the two English and math,  about four courses, chosen from arts and humanities, the social sciences, and physical science. Since math and physical science are usually part of STEM, it leaves the applicant with just a few to complete.  

IGETC, on the other hand, has about 11 courses, if you include the language.  Students who are majoring in arts, humanities or the social sciences usually complete IGETC as it makes them more competitive. While most UCs will accept partial IGETC (meaning one-two courses missing) remember that if you choose IGETC for Berkeley's College of Letters and Science, the college requires full completion by end of your spring term or you will be rejected.

TAG does not require IGETC.

Topic starter Posted : 12/05/2019 1:08 am
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