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Provisional contracts

Lindy King

So you got into the UC! Congrats!  But now there's the issue of the Provisional Contract. Simply put, this is the contract that you must adhere to so your admission is not yanked out from under your soft little feet, not yet calloused from the years of toil still ahead of you.  

Now the standard PC goes something like this:

  • Maintain your current GPA (they're fairly loosey-goosey on this; it doesn't mean if you're a 4.0, one A- or a couple of Bs will doom you.  They just don't want you to tank.)
  • If you get 2 Cs or a D or an F contact the UC immediately. Truth is a D or F will likely get you rescinded.  There are exceptions but don't count on it.  The Cs are more manageable, if they are not in major courses, and even then there is wiggle room.

So that's the standard contract. But not everyone gets the standard.

If you're borderline you may get anything from maintain a cumulative term GPA of 3.0 (or even 3.2).  They might single out specific courses and say you must get a B in x-course or even a B+. They might say every course needs to be a B.  

Sometimes if there's a glitch, admissions may give you a break and add summer into the provisional saying you must take x-course in summer for a certain grade.

On thing is for sure, try desperately hard to adhere to the Provisional Contract.  And if there is an issue, as much as we all like to believe no news is good news, and the fear of contacting admissions is overwhelming, the sooner you do it, the better the outcome. Admissions finding something out at the last minute usually does not bode well.  Early = possible negotiation.  So bite the bullet. 

Topic starter Posted : 12/05/2019 1:08 am
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