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UC Davis TAG - which GPA do they use  

Lindy King

asked by ___:

My TAG was accepted for UC Davis but I’m a little confused as to which GPA they use to determine if you’re eligible or not and how many of my credits are taken into consideration for this calculation. On my TAG planner it says I have a 3.25 but my acceptance notice from Davis says they have me at a 3.20. I took Chem 101 and English 101 during this last fall semester and I received an A in english and a C in chemistry. Does this mean I dropped under the 3.20 requirement and I’m no longer eligible for TAG?
Posted : 07/01/2020 5:40 pm
Lindy King

It’s cumulative. So if you’re at 3.2 end of summer, they will factor in all the courses from fall. If it drops below, you will probably lose the TAG, but you will be filled into general admission.

Posted : 07/01/2020 5:41 pm

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