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It’s all fun and games until you don’t get in.

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If I could rate this 6 stars, I would. Lindy provides you with everything you need to know, and plenty of things you never thought of. I am seriously amazed that something like this exists. If you are interested in transferring to a UC from any CCC, buy this book!  You will be so prepared!

Applying to a UC and Fulfilling Transfer Requirements

At CA College Transfer, we’re here to help the community college transfer student jump through the hurdles and make the best possible choices to assure admittance to a UC.

The UCs have a boatload of requirements that need precise follow-through:

  • First, you need to figure out the general ed path.
  • Then there’s completion of major requirements for each campus you’re applying to.
  • Then there’s the minimum number of units needed to apply, that can deplete if course sequences are out of order, or courses duplicated, or AP credit not awarded properly.
  • Then, if you want guaranteed admission or priority consideration, there’s the TAG or TAP programs.
  • And what about honor societies, activities, jobs, personal statements, or life obstacles?
  • Some majors are more selective than others – meaning they’re competitive – and you really need to bring your best game. Other majors are more forgiving. Knowing which choice is right for you can do a lot in helping you get admitted.

Some Transfer Concerns


UC college applications, TAG, TAP, guaranteed admission6 UCs offer Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAG). If you complete the requirements you’re in. UCLA and Berkeley offer TAP — UCLA’s is honors-based and Cal’s offers support to under-represented students. Youtube video on Berkeley’s TAP.

Breadth and IGETC

UCLA, breadth, IGETC, general educationAll transfer students must complete (or begin) a general education path — either Breadth (usually for STEM) or IGETC (usually for humanities and social sciences). It’s important to determine the best path for your major.

Major Requirements

UC major course fulfillment for transfersOne of the most important “to-do” items is completion of your UC major’s prep courses, which may be different on each campus. All required courses must be completed for a letter grade. Non-completion is a huge reason for denied UC admittance.

AP Exam Credit

applying AP exam credit for UC transfer studentsAP and IB exam credits may be used to reach the minimum units needed to transfer, but how the units are counted can vary drastically by college even at the same UC. Not knowing the rules by department can easily lose you units.

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