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Nailing the Haas Supplemental

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is one of the toughest business schools to get into in the country, with an out the gate admit rate of about 5%.  Unlike regular UC admissions Haas puts 35% of their admissions decision on your written essays, most notably the Haas Supplemental that comes out in January. Haas pays special attention, not only to style and tone, but also to content. 

From my years of experience I cannot stress enough how crucial this essay supplemental is. It can make or break your acceptance (assuming everything else in the application is up to par.) I have a superb track record with Haas applicants and my services include focused detailed attention to content and style, pin-pointing the aspects to make you most competitive.  Special emphasis on showcasing your leadership skills in a vibrant authentic manner.

Haas wants a very detailed resume and each item within it has up to an allowable 250 words. Not as short and sweet as it may seem on the surface. I work closely with the applicant to create wording that enhances the traits looked for by Haas, as well as brainstorm for possible ECs that may have been overlooked.

Lindy helped my son prepare his college application essays. He was accepted in all UCs he applied, even Berkeley for one of the hardest majors, Chemical Engineering. She also helped with private university essays where…read more

I got accepted into Haas and UCLA!! I will be going to Berkeley but I just want to take the time to thank you for all of your help. This would not have happened without…read more

PREMIUM Haas Supplemental Essay

The Haas Supplemental essay is a vital part of the application process and Haas looks for specific traits to verify that you embrace the Haas aesthetic. The committee expects strong writing and powerful communication. This package provides unlimited guidance in brainstorming, outlining, points to emphasize, through final revision. 

Haas Supplemental Resume

The resume offers a great chance to showcase your leadership and creative skills. Each entry can be the equivalent of an essay if needed and  Haas urges you to go into as much pertinent detail as possible.

Haas Supplemental Discount

If you previously purchased a PREMIUM Personal Insight Package you are entitled to a discount on the Haas Supplemental essay.


Haas Supplemental

unlimited support start to finish

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Haas Supplemental

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Haas Essay

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