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Nailing the Haas Supplemental

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is one of the toughest business schools to get into in the country, with an admit rate of about 5%.  Unlike regular UC admissions Haas puts 35% of their admissions decision on your written essays, most notably the Haas Supplemental that comes out in January. Haas pays special attention, not only to style and tone, but also to content. For those hoping to apply to Haas, I cannot stress enough the importance of strong essays.

My services include individualized attention to content, style, and adherence to the Four Defining Principles.  Special emphasis on showcasing your leadership skills in a vibrant authentic manner.

Haas Supplemental Premium

The Haas Supplemental is a vital part of the application process and Haas looks for specific traits to verify that you embrace the Haas aesthetic. The committee expects strong writing and powerful communication. This package provides unlimited guidance in brainstorming, outlining, points to emphasize, through every draft up through final revision.

Haas Supplemental Basic

For those who know their subject matter,

I offer a truncated option of two read-through with suggestions.

By-the-Hour Option

Sometimes you have a special request, such as comprehensive work on just one essay. Whatever your needs, our hourly option can help fill in the blanks.


Haas Supplemental

unlimited support start to finish

Haas Supplemental


2 read-throughs with

Pay by the
your choice. your terms.

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