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Non-Residents and the UC

It’s stressful enough applying to the University of California as a California resident and/or a California community college (CCC) student. It’s that much more stressful when you don’t quite fit.

As an international student hoping to transfer to one of the UCs, you would naturally have questions, even if you are at a CCC; writing issues may be a concern, or maybe the U.S. educational process is not what you’re used to.

Out of State
If you’re an out of state college applicant (OOS), you probably have legitimate concerns about UC major and general education requirements, and whether your courses transfer.

Cal State University
Likewise, even CSU students can experience confusion with coursework and general requirements.

 CA COLLEGE TRANSFER works extensively with non-CCC students and those with language concerns, helping them figure out the system and do whatever is in their best interest to complete a successful transfer. Our work includes evaluation of non-CCC courses and whether they will transfer. (Note, this is always an estimate because in the end, only the UC can determine course transferability. However, we follow the best practices rules supplied by the UC, as well as UC sites that note OOS course transferability.)

International Applicants

We put special emphasis on helping with grammar and word choice in Personal Insights answers and essays, going over CCC transcripts, as well as explaining the UC application and general submission process.

CSU Applicants

We work closely with CSU students helping to match coursework with the UC and making sure they meet all requirements.

Out of State Applicants

As with CSU students, we work closely with out of state applicants helping to match coursework with the UC and making sure all requirements are met.


We also offer low-cost proofreading for any written material that is not UC application-oriented. (In other words, articles, general essays, etc.)  As this entails a simple read-through to correct grammar and occasional word choice, it is charged at a much lower rate.

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