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Charting Your UC Major Path in Advance

One of my most popular services is the Major Planning Package for students who are starting, or just started, a community college.  This is a crucial first step because having a clear path for multiple UCs allows you to get your courses completed in a timely manner without mess-ups or back-tracking. It can get hairy if there are lot of UCs involved and the major is requirement-heavy. For selective majors, it’s important to follow the steps in the correct order.  Because I work with so many students and parents, I have tried to make it as affordable as possible. My three most popular packages involve the most competitive majors:

  • Biology-related, which is the most extensive major. There are numerous off-shoot disciplines and lots of coursework.
  • Computer Science major.
  • Engineering major.  If applying to Berkeley you must go that extra mile.

 There are various configurations possible, such as exploring multiple majors, helping select a major, and planning your community college course path.

Selecting a Major

Not sure of the best course selection for a major across multiple UCs?  We will create a custom package that gives you all the options for a single major or alternate majors for all the UCs you are interested in. Includes a detailed report, including matching courses at your community college needed for each major, admitted GPA ranges, general education paths, and special circumstances per UC, if applicable.

Not sure of a major? We can brainstorm career ideas and personal strengths to get you on the right exploration path.

CCC Scheduling

If you would like a general course schedule over a two year period at your community college, we can set up a plan that will get you in an optimal position to apply to the UCs in a timely manner. This schedule would also include your general ed course plan (either IGETC or breadth).

Scheduling can be included if you choose a custom major selection package.  Contact us for a quote.

Pay by the Hour

A convenient approach if you wish to pay via installments, or only when needed.


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