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Charting Your UC Major Path in Advance

One of my most popular services is the Major Planning Package for students who are starting, or just started, a community college.  This is a crucial first step because having a clear path for multiple UCs allows you to get your courses completed in a timely manner without mess-ups or back-tracking. It can get hairy if there are lot of UCs involved and the major is requirement-heavy. For selective majors, it’s important to follow the steps in the correct order.  Because I work with so many students and parents, I have tried to make it as affordable as possible. My three most popular packages involve the most competitive majors:

  • Biology-related, which is the most extensive major. There are numerous off-shoot disciplines and lots of coursework.
  • Computer Science major.
  • Engineering major.  If applying to Berkeley you must go that extra mile.

 There are various configurations possible, such as exploring multiple majors, helping select a major, and planning your community college course path.

Lindy took it upon herself to advocate on my behalf and got me Academic Renewal after the community college said I didn't qualify. She said the rule was not being interpreted correctly and she was right.

You always provide really helpful information! I've done some mistakes in my UC application, and your responses gave me proper ways to handle them. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

My daughter came into this very nervous because being a CSU to UC transfer she knew the admit rate is already low; however with Mrs. King's expertise not only with the essays but the whole process, my daughter now feels…read more

Just two emails from Lindy explained more to me about what I needed than I got at my community college, and corrected a serious issue that might have prevented me from transferring. I got in…read more

I am excited to share with you the result of my UC application. My application to all 5 UCs, especially UCLA and UC Berkeley, was accepted for Fall 2018. Thank you very much on behalf…read more

You helped demystify the process of transferring to a UC from community college, and helped my son establish a game plan and significantly build his confidence after a very rough patch in high school. I…read more

Thank you so much for all your help with my major redirection and essays. Truly, this wouldn't be my life if it wasn't for you.

Selecting a Major

Not sure of the best course selection for a major across multiple UCs?  We will create a custom package that gives you all the options for a single major or alternate majors for all the UCs you are interested in. Includes a detailed report, including matching courses at your community college needed for each major, admitted GPA ranges, general education paths, and special circumstances per UC, if applicable.

Not sure of a major? We can brainstorm career ideas and personal strengths to get you on the right exploration path.

CCC Scheduling

If you would like a general course schedule over a two year period at your community college, we can set up a plan that will get you in an optimal position to apply to the UCs in a timely manner. This schedule would also include your general ed course plan (either IGETC or breadth).

Scheduling can be included if you choose a custom major selection package.  Contact us for a quote.

Pay by the Hour

A convenient approach if you wish to pay via installments, or only when needed.


Major Search
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Community College

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Major selection and plan

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