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Put Your Education to Good Use

CA College Transfer offers guidance related to career and internships. Services include assistance with Linkedin profiles, resume construction and cover letters.

Relevant Keywords

One of the most important aspects of a job or intern search, includes the use of job-specific keywords. Most resumes go through an automated first pass, that searches specifically for relevant keywords. If these are not in the resume and the cover letter, your application will likely never reach a human hand.

Linkedin Profile

A strong Linkedin profile is imperative in getting your name and abilities circulated, as recruiters increasingly reach out to potential applicants via this social media site. We help students create a strong and engaging Linkedin profile.

Resume and Cover Letters

A strong resume needs the correct build, which includes action words, bullet points, and appropriate keywords. These days a successful resume should adhere to a pre-established formula.

Likewise, a cover letter is imperative and has one purpose only:  to convince the recruiter that you are perfect for the job.  A weak cover letter will thwart your attempt to get the recruiter to look at your resume.

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