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We got a copy of this book after a frustrating college admissions meeting. I am impressed (and relieved), not only with how well it is laid out, but also by the sheer scope of material covered. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that need to be aligned exactly right, which is daunting. But the good news is if you follow the book correctly, your kid really stands an excellent shot at getting into a UC. I swear – almost any 10 random pages are worth the price.

Ms. King does a phenomenal job summing up the TRANSFER process. There are a lot of books on getting into college as a freshman but none discuss the TRANSFER process, and neither are as complete as this. The book is an easy read and a great help to families looking at taking steps to get into University of California.

This is my first review on amazon, and this review is because of Lindy. She is perfect and best consultant I have ever seen in my life. Why? She knows what she is writing about. It’s her job and she is master on it. She knows all the exceptions about transferring. I recommended her book to my friends, and I think this book is a gift.

This book gave me exactly the answers I needed, as well as answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of.  She explained the transfer process in ways that my college advisors still can’t do after going to many appointments with them. I recommend purchasing this book because it will help with the application, writing the personal statement, and deciding which UC ultimately feels right for you.

I cannot thank Ms King enough for helping me hone my college essay. Her detailed approach to brainstorming ideas led me to a great topic that I think was one of a kind and fun to write. She got me thinking of essays in a new light. By the way, I got into several UCs!!

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