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CA College Transfer offers support in all areas.

Here are a few:

Major Selection + Community College Scheduling

This is the first part of the journey and also the most vital. Not knowing your path over multiple UCs and not knowing what to take is the number one deal-breaker in terms of transferring. We help you devise a schedule and plan.

Personal Insight Guidance

The Personal Insight questions are designed to provide a snapshot view of you as a candidate.
Especially helpful for academic borderline applicants and those
applying to highly selective majors.

The Haas Applicant

Haas School of Business has a stringent protocol for applicants. I work one-on-one to help with extra-curricular planning, major course completion, and especially, since the department puts 35% weight on essays, the Haas Supplemental. The Haas Supplemental is one of the most important writing submissions at the UCs.

Out-of-State and Non-CCC Transfers

While the UC has final word on
course transferability, CA College
Transfer has the tools to help
evaluate out-of-state and non-
CCC coursework and strategize a plan for the best possible
transfer outcome.

One Year Transfers

Students with a fair amount of AP credit often can transfer as a junior in one year. CA College Transfer can help strategize the best approach when applying with few completed courses.

Augmented Review

Augmented Reviews are
questions sent out to select
applicants when the UCs
want more information.
How you answer can be
a powerful admissions tool.

Appeal Letters

If a student is not admitted and believes there is a valid reason for an overturn, the appeal letter is crucial. I analyze the application as well as each situation, helping students frame the best possible response.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curriculars and internships are most crucial when it
comes to highly selective majors and the top UCs.
CA College Transfer helps with EC selection and wording
when you apply.


While Lindy and I only exchanged a few emails regarding Berkeley, I found that she was immediately responsive, very informative, and clearly knowledgeable about UC admissions.

Joseph (at Berkeley)

Lindy was extremely helpful in developing ideas that I had trouble even thinking of. I definitely recommend her to students who want help in transferring.

Jenifer (now at UCSD)

Lindy really assisted me in choosing the right words, topics and focus in making the very best personal statements. I don't think I would have finished them, or they would not have been as strong if it wasn't for her help. Thank you, Lindy!

Patricia (now at UCB Haas)

Lindy King was the best help I had while applying to UCs. She helped turn my ideas into perfect Personal Insight answers.

Kyle (now at UCLA)

My daughter came into this very nervous because being a CSU to UC transfer she knew the admit rate is already low; however with Mrs. King's expertise not only with the essays but the whole process, my daughter now feels confident she's in a strong position. Her service and book are invaluable.

Lana (accepted as sophomore, Merced)

Lindy, I just bought your book. I have been working at community colleges for almost ten years as a counselor, but I have been so impressed with all the research -- and detailed but easy to understand explanations -- found in your book. I just wanted to thank you for creating this AMAZING resource! Excellent work!

Tom, community college advisor

If I could rate this 6 stars, I would. Lindy provides you with everything you need to know, and plenty of things you never thought of. I am seriously amazed that something like this exists. If you are interested in transferring to a UC from any CCC, buy this book! You will be so prepared!


How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College is a must have for all CCC students wishing to transfer to any of the UC's. Highly recommended!!

Sam (now at Davis)

Ms King was amazing!! I was working on my UC Berkeley appeal and she was able to take my mumbo jumbo of thoughts, solidify them and translate them into something eloquent, while still maintaining my voice... I highly recommend her for help regarding any essay, especially college essays. By far the most helpful assistance I have come across in this difficult appeal process.


Thank you so much Lindy for explaining the community college system to me and my son and getting us on board for hopefully a great two year run. There are so many facets to getting it all done efficiently, and you described everything in an easy to follow manner. I look forward to having you work with my son later to make sure he stays on track.

a parent

At first I was hesitant to buy this excellent book because at 570 pages, I thought I won't live long enough to read it. But I'm glad I did. It's laid out in short chapters with lots of charts and lists. Plus, not every chapter refers to your situation so you can jump right over it.  You want to transfer to a UC? You can't do better than this.

Graeme, a parent

I can't even begin to thank you enough for this. I knew my essay needed a lot of work but I was just so incredibly stressed about the situation I couldn't even think properly. Thank you so much. The suggestions you've made are phenomenal and I'm incredibly grateful that you took the time to do this for me for free, someone you don't even know!

from College Confidential

I was really impressed with how well my appeal letter came out after I showed it to you and you discussed how it should be streamlined and more focused. I don't know how well my chances are, but I wish I had had you earlier to help with my personal statements.

Matt (successful appeal)

Just two emails from Lindy explained more to me about what I needed to do than I got in one year.

Brianna (now at Irvine)

You helped demystify the process of transferring to a UC from community college, and helped my son establish a game plan and significantly build his confidence after a very rough patch in high school. I particularly appreciate how much you went out of your way to make sure my son knew he deserved to be at a UC.

a parent

This book was recommended to me by a another student and I seriously can't say enough good things about it. I was so confused about the process of transferring, even after talking to my advisor. This just lays it all out in a way that is totally understandable. I particularly like the question and answers at the end, where she gives real life examples and solutions.


You always provide really helpful information! I've done some mistakes in my UC application, and your responses gave me proper ways to handle them. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Zack (now at Davis)

We got a copy of this book after a frustrating college admissions meeting. I am impressed (and relieved), not only with how well it is laid out, but also by the sheer scope of material covered. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that need to be aligned exactly right, which is daunting. But the good news is if you follow the book correctly, your kid really stands an excellent shot at getting into a UC. I swear - almost any 10 random pages are worth the price.

a parent

Ms. King does a phenomenal job summing up the TRANSFER process. There are a lot of books on getting into colleges but not many as complete as this one, in discussing the TRANSFER process. The book is an easy read, reference and a great help to families looking at doing taking steps to get into University of California School. Thank you so much for writing this!

Jason, a parent
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