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Transcript and UC Application Review

CA College Transfer has a couple of options to help you feel secure in your course preparation, whether you are applying to Berkeley, UCLA or any other UC.

Just two emails from Lindy explained more to me about what I needed than I got at my community college, and corrected a serious issue that might have prevented me from transferring. I got in…read more

Thank you so much for all your help with my major redirection and essays. Truly, this wouldn't be my life if it wasn't for you.

While Lindy and I only exchanged a few emails regarding Berkeley, I found that she was immediately responsive, very informative, and clearly knowledgeable about UC admissions.

I am excited to share with you the result of my UC application. My application to all 5 UCs, especially UCLA and UC Berkeley, was accepted for Fall 2018. Thank you very much on behalf…read more

Lindy took it upon herself to advocate on my behalf and got me Academic Renewal after the community college said I didn't qualify. She said the rule was not being interpreted correctly and she was right.

You always provide really helpful information! I've done some mistakes in my UC application, and your responses gave me proper ways to handle them. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

You helped demystify the process of transferring to a UC from community college, and helped my son establish a game plan and significantly build his confidence after a very rough patch in high school. I…read more

Transcript Review

This is for students who have already taken courses and want a transcript analysis to verify that they are on track. This is especially relevant for non-CCC applicants, as it is a way to get a general assessment of transferability.

UC Application Review

Guidance on filling out the online application. Includes optimal extra-curricular word choice and best phrasing for additional comments, if pertinent.

Pay as You Go

If you have an assortment of small questions or issues, you might be better off choosing our hourly rate. The time can be split up at your convenience.



Price varies

UC Application

All prices subject to change
at any time.

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