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specializes in outstanding, personalized essay guidance
for freshmen, transfers, and grad students
looking to transfer to top tier universities,
including Ivies and the University of California.
CCC course plans also available.

Free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.
(650) 918-7895 or send a message.

The Big Kahnua

UC Personal Insight 4-Pack - $520

Personalized guidance covering every aspect of the UC prompts. To create the best essays possible, I send the student a short questionnaire in order for me to prepare, we then have a zoom call to brainstorm, with a breadcrumb path sent to the student to assure they it the points needed. From there we continue with detailed suggestions and edits through final drafts, no matter how long the process takes. I am very meticulous with each essay absolutely the best it can be.

Common App Essay - $400

A crucial essay that has a powerful impact across multiple platforms, I meticulously work with the student to assure the best result. The process follows the same path as the Personal Insights.

DOUBLE HITTER: Combo UC Personal Insights / Common App - $860

If both the UC Personal Insights and Common App are chosen, I offer a $60 discount. Same service. Same superb result.

Standalone Essay Guidance

Brainstorming / Start-Up - $150

This session is one of my most crucial start-off points because topic and breadcrumb path are the first key to success. This standalone option is perfect if you simply want to work on topic generation and write your own essays. You may use the one hour Zoom session for as many essays as can fit in. It does not include editing.

  • Topic suggestion
  • Review of topic for existing essay, if applicable (no editing)
  • Review of extra-curricular activities to hep generate topic ideas


If you have multiple essays for several colleges I offer an alternate and very cost-effective path that allows for the possibility that some essays may be able to build on others. Reach out to me for a quote.

Appeal or Waitlist Letter - $200

I assess the strength of an appeal, or the points needed for a compelling waitlist letter, and then work diligently to frame the communication in a way that positions the applicant in the best possible light to secure an offer of admission. I have a high success rate.

The Extras

Review of Exiting Essay (with Editing) - ask for quote

This is for the student who is confident with their topic and writing ability and wants a review of their essay with edits and suggestions. Includes one phone call and one edit. Price varies based on word count.

University/Department Research - $65

This is a crucial component in many essays. It’s where the student shows detailed knowledge of the university and department. This includes variables such as research projects, courses, faculty, notable alumni, clubs, and similar. I conduct research to be included in the essay, an element often overlooked.  Each additional university is $45.

CCC Course Plans - ask for quote

Full CA community college course plans for all majors.  Price varies based on major and number of UCs chosen.  I also offer a White Glove Service, which includes updating your progress, with full availability with any questions, as you work through your course studies.  Includes application and EC review.  If interested, reach out for a consult.

NOTE: Due to the increased situation of students holding off until the last couple of weeks to start their essays, I must reiterate that you are putting yourselves at a severe disadvantage as there is a huge time crunch at application period. Getting essays to me in a timely manner so I may give my all to your essays is your responsibility. I work hard for my students but there are only so many hours in a day. I urge all students to plan accordingly.

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