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CA College Transfer
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 18 reviews
 by Anonymous

I just wanted to update you on my Berkeley appeal and also thank you for all your help! I was offered admission to Berkeley for Spring 2022! Thank you so much for all the help in writing my appeal and navigating the appeal process. Once again, thank you and feel free to use my story as an example for future applicants. Thank you again.

 by Anonymous

I got into CogSci at UCLA as well as Berkeley and all other UCs.  My sister also got into UCLA and other UCs. Both of us are planning to attend UCLA in the fall.

 by Proud Dad

I would like to express my gratitude to you for guiding my daughter through the UC transfer process. More than that, you helped us through a crisis and changed her life. As you know, she applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Davis.  And she was accepted to every single one.  She is now trying to decide between Berkeley and UCLA.She was on tenterhooks the days before the acceptance letters.  And when they came in one after another, any self doubts she had been harboring drifted away.  She has now become incredibly optimistic about her future for the first time.  It has been an enormous transformation.  I am so proud and happy for her.Thank you so much for your kindness, your hard work, your expertise and for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us throughout the process.  We couldn't have navigated through this journey without you.

 by Anonymous

I got into Berkeley!!! ?  Thank you so much for all your help!

 by Tron8968

I got into my dream school! Thank you for your help! I haven't received all of my decisions yet but things have been going really well! I got into UC Berkeley (the school that I will likely commit to) and UC Davis so far. Thank you so much for helping me with applications.

 by Anonymous

Hello Lindy, You helped me write my admissions essays to the UCs! Thank you for your help. I ended up getting accepted to all schools, including Ucla and waitlisted to Berkeley! I chose ucla as a psychobiology premed major .

 by andyyru

I knew I had a story, but I was at loss trying to tell it. Lindy helped bring out the best in me. Her frank and constructive critiques helped portray my passion, experience, and accomplishments in a sincere and inspiring way. While working with her, I felt as if she was invested in my success as well. She is very responsive and will answer all your questions along the way. I felt extremely reassured after submitting my application knowing I had earned Lindy’s approval. I was accepted to all five schools for economics: UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, and UCI (Business) and I am currently pursuing studies at UCB and minoring in data science. I am grateful Lindy was a part of my journey, and I am confident you will feel the same.

 by MaddieGirl

I cannot stress enough how wonderful Lindy was at getting my essays completed for multiple universities, not just the UC's. I got accepted to Dartmouth as a freshman and I felt my essays, which were just one part of the application, really elevated me. She brought incredible insight and topic focus.

 by No Lindy = No Haas

I came to Lindy 12 days prior to the application deadline. Lindy was more than accommodating. She took the necessary time to review my essay, and her expertise made all of the difference. I’m especially thankful and attribute her services as to the reason I had a shot at getting accepted to Haas. If you pay for her services, you will be given the best opportunity to shine. Thank you Lindy.

 by DJ007

Excellent! Ms. King is extremely knowledgable about the whole process from planning courses to fulfilling major and IGETC requirements to writing the essays that really bring dimension to the application. She takes the time to get to know her students, so the essays really bring their talent, personality, and personal story to life. My son with her assistance applied to six schools, and was admitted to six schools with multiple scholarship offers. Next stop - UC Berkeley English, Pre-Law. Thank you so very much from a thrilled student and his very thankful family.

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