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AP Credit, IGETC and fulfilling UC requirements

Over on College Confidential, where I spend a lot of time, there was, coincidentally, the same question that popped up three different times. It’s an anomaly (isn’t everything with the UCs) and bears repeating.

The scenario goes like this: One of the UCs (let’s say Berkeley) requires at least a score of 4 on AP English Language and Comp to fulfill the first of the two English course requirements. However, over at the California community college (CCC), an AP score of 3 will fulfill the same English course. Therefore, a student who is fulfilling IGETC (which is a form of general ed completion) is allowed to move into the second required English course at the CCC. Assuming the student finishes all the requirements for IGETC, the student will get full certification, meaning all general education courses are satisfactorily completed.

But what about Berkeley’s rule that only a 4 or higher can fulfill the first English course? The UCs have a commitment to honor IGETC certification, meaning if the CCC accepts a 3 for the first course and the student goes on to get fully certified, that student will have completed both English courses in the eyes of the UC.

Be aware, this only works with IGETC certification. Additionally, just for the record, all AP exams with at least a 3 will count as units, even if a 3 does not meet a subject requirement level. In other words, if the subject area to be fulfilled needs a 4, the student won’t get subject credit but will get the units.

There’s a whole chapter in my book, How to Transfer to a UC from a California  Community College: The Unofficial Guide devoted to exam credit if you want more varied examples.

As always, get further elucidation from your CCC advisor.

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