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How many courses are needed to fulfill the UC English requirement?

I am confused about UC minimum admissions requirements and IGETC requirements. Does this mean I need to take three-four English courses?

It depends on where your courses were taken. If you have only taken English and math courses at a CCC (or a multiple of CCCs), that are appropriate to your breadth or IGETC requirements, you have also fulfilled the UC admissions requirement. In this case, just two English and one math. If you are trying to add English courses from a non-CCC, or have taken the English out of sequence, that is where you might run into trouble and have to take an extra course if your completed class is not a fit with your specific GE requirement. You need to carefully go over your English course plan with a CCC advisor under any circumstances, but especially if you are bringing in courses from a non-CCC (including a UC).

The above question is excerpted from “How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College: The Unofficial Guide,” available on Amazon and iTunes.

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