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How to get your UC TAG revoked

About this time, students start worrying about grades, and things they might have done to disqualify a TAG already approved. Below, I will go over the ways your previously-approved UC TAG could get revoked or voided:

    1. If you get a D in any course from this last fall term 2015 through winter/spring 2016, your TAG will be revoked, no discussion. You must maintain a C in all fall through spring classes. They don’t care if you plan to repeat it. You’re out of TAG. (If you get a C-, immediately call the UC TAG office and see what their rule is.)


    1. You must maintain the required minimum GPA of your TAG, as well as any minimum GPA that might be required of your major. Most TAG rules specify that the minimum TAG GPA must be maintained for each subsequent term, meaning your fall GPA must be 3.2 (if that is the TAG minimum, for instance). Your winter/spring terms must also maintain that same GPA. However, I will note there is some confusion in this area, especially with UC Irvine: I have heard anecdotally from students who said the UCI TAG rep said it was cumulative, meaning by end of spring, although that is not really how it is worded online — and I know students who were kicked out when the fall term dipped below the minimum. You need to contact UCI for their exact policy. (My instinct is it’s each term.)


    1. If you drop out of either the final English or quantitative math course in fall, you will void the TAG contract, as all TAGs note that both English and math requirements must be completed by fall.


    1. Internationals must prove English proficiency, which is done by completing the two English courses at the CCC with a minimum grade of B or C, depending on campus.


    1. If you drop a class you are fine as long as the course does not mess up any requirements, including major requirements, TAG requirements, or does not dip you below the 60-semester unit minimum.  If a switch-up of courses alters your IGETC completion as noted in your application, you need to discuss that with TAG to see what they say.


  1. If you replace a course that is required in some manner for your TAG with the same (or similar) course at another CCC, make sure the course qualifies as a replacement. You might think it does, but in reality, it doesn’t.

If by some chance your TAG is revoked, do not despair, as you are automatically funneled over to regular admittance, and your application is not looked upon negatively due to the voided TAG.

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Complete information on how to successfully apply to a UC can be found in How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College: The Unofficial Guide

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  1. Hello, Lindy

    Can my TAG be revoked if I didn’t take some random music classes I inputted in my TAP account in the Spring? The courses were not related to my major or general education courses.

  2. Hello,
    Can my TAG be revoked if I don’t finish one or two courses that are required for my major in the time I transfer? Chances are they won’t be offered on the semester I plan to take them, and if that’s the case I will take them at the university I plan to transfer to. My GPA and all other courses will be successfully met except for one or two courses.

    1. If the courses are required it will most likely affect your TAG eligibility but it depends on the circumstances. I would try and find the courses elsewhere. Try

  3. Hello Lindy,

    I am a freshmen in Community College, I plan to apply to UCI for 2023 Fall term using tag. Over summer 2021 I took three classes, dropped one and received a W, failed one (retook Fall 21, and got a B), and in the last one got a B (not transferable, just a prerequisite). This semester, Winter/Spring 2022, I dropped one class and got a W because it didn’t fit my educational plan. My first question is, if I got the “F” and replaced it with a B, will they consider that and deny my TAG when I apply? Also will the same happen because of the two W’s? I am thinking because I got the F in summer of 21 and replaced it with a B in fall of 2021, and I am applying for Fall 23, it will not be considered, but now I am a bit worried and would like some more guidance.

    1. You’re fine. The F has been replaced with a B and they don’t care about Ws. Neither will preclude you from TAGing. In fact, even having an F that is not replaced will not preclude a TAG unless it puts you below the minimum GPA required, or it’s a major course requirement in a selective major that might have a rule that would eliminate you from that major. But even in those extreme cases you can retake the course at least once. So don’t worry.

  4. Hi,
    I really like your page and it is extremely helpful. If I drop a class and get a W, but then just take it next semester, will that affect my TAG and transfer eligibility?
    Thank you,

  5. Hello!
    I applied to UCD tag back in November and got approved. However I had a 3.06 gpa at the time and it’s stated online that I must maintain a minimum 3.2 by spring 2022 ends. Unfortunately my gpa dropped to a 2.907 after fall 2022, but for my major the minimum gpa is a 2.9. I did the math and by the end of spring if I pass all my classes with an A, it will go back to 3.0. My question is will my tag be revoked due to not meeting the TAG requirements or it will stay due to meeting the MAJOR requirements. So far they gave me no notice of any sort in regards of that effecting the decision.

  6. Hello, I failed to keep the requirements for the UC TAG for the transfer fall term, will I be able to “re-tag” for the following winter term? (UCR) or will I have to apply normally?

  7. Hi, I recently got accepted into UCI (not sure if it was through my regular application or TAG). I accepted the offer, but this spring semester might lower my cumulative GPA to 3.38. Will my admission acceptance be revoked, even if I got an A in my major course requirement? The class I got a C in that lowered my GPA was not part of my major requirements.

    1. It depends on what your provisional contract says. Usually it’s along the lines of, if you get two Cs or more, contact us immediately etc etc. I think you’ll be fine but I’m saying this having not seen your provisional.

  8. what if I need a certain class for TAG, but decide to withdraw from it because I was not able to do well, and then retake the class? Would this affect my eligibility?

  9. Hello! I applied to TAG for UCI in the fall of 2023, and right now I’m in my last semester before transferring. For my major, it says that at least 4 science courses are required. I have three of them completed, and I’m taking the last one right now. However, I might end up dropping out of it and receive a W. Will UCI rescind my application if I end up getting accepted?

    1. If the four sciences courses are required that is part of the TAG contract, so the TAG will be rescinded and you will be rolled over to regular admission. Unfortunately, you might not get in at all. It will be at the discretion of the UC, but mussing required courses is never good. I suggest you finish the course and get tutoring as needed or ask teacher for extra credit, if the grade is the issue. Try at leats for a C.

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