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UCLA Profile of Admitted Transfer Students 2015

Finally, after a very lengthy waiting period, it is here: The UCLA profile of admitted transfer students for 2015, which breaks down the average admitted GPA by major. This much-anticipated annual report is vitally important for a number of reasons beyond just assessing what’s going on at UCLA. Since no other UC has this detailed a breakdown, it is imperative that you use these figures to suss out a guesstimate of the average admitted GPA for your intended major at the other UCs. Doing so will give a ballpark as to whether you’re a competitive student, or if you need to reframe your sights.

General rule of thumb is to add an approximate .1 for Berkeley, subtract a .1 for UCSD, and then slowly guesstimate as you work your way down the UC pyramid. Be aware that the GPA tier system is fairly consistent across all platforms. In other words, a selective high-GPA major at UCLA will almost invariably be a selective high-GPA major at the other UCs.

There are a few changes in the data block that is different from previous years. Gone is the average GPA of all applicants, and rather than an average GPA by major of admitted students, it gives you the lowest 25% GPA for admits and the 75th percentile.  In other words, you now have a better sense of the lower GPA range of admitted students — a big asset moving forward.

As an example:
In the College of Letters and Science, Anthropology (B.A.) had an admit rate of 56%, with the low 25th percentile GPA at 3.37, and the 75th percentile at 3.80.

There are also figures that go into more detail regarding actual colleges students transferred from (CCC, CUS, UC, etc).

For a quick breakdown of the hardest majors to get into based on admit rates, click here.

Profile of Admitted transfer students to UCLA 2015
*International refers to any applicant who is or will be in the U.S. solely for educational purposes. The overwhelming majority of international transfer applicants to UCLA are attending CCCs.

To contrast the 2015 UCLA transfer figures with those from 2014 or earlier, click here.

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