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Summer Deadlines for UC Transfers

UC summer deadlines Below is a list of upcoming UC deadlines for Fall 2016 admitted transfer students and those planning to apply next November for Fall 2017.

May 1-31
— TAG application opens for UC Merced Spring 2017 applicants.
Click here for TAG link.

May 15
— Waitlist opt-in deadline.

Month of May
— New TAG rules are released.  If you are an upcoming Fall 2017 applicant (or later), be sure to check to see if there are changes.

June 1
— UCLA transcripts due up through your last fall term.
— Final deadline to SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) at your chosen UC.
Do not SIR to two UCs (see exception below*). If you are on a waitlist and get in after this deadline, you will be allowed to SIR to your new campus, but you will forfeit the $100 fee for the earlier SIR. However, be sure to SIR somewhere, as the odds of getting in via a waitlist are low, and if you don’t SIR to a UC by June 1, you are no longer an admitted UC student.
* if you were accepted to a UC and are awaiting a new determination based on a change in your coursework, definitely SIR to two UCs, as you do not yet know the outcome. You can un-SIR to one of the UCs after you hear back.

July 1
— Transcripts due at all UCs (except UCLA, as noted above).
If transcripts are going to be late, have the CCC or sending college send an email to the UC alerting them that the problem is NOT on your end. See this letter sent to the CCC’s by the University of California for details.

July 15
— Deadline for AB/IB credit sent from the officiating company (College Board, etc).
— IGETC certification due in UC admissions office.

Aug 1
— UC application available online for fall 2017 applicants.

Sept 1
— Summer transcripts due.
— UCLA spring transcripts due.

Sept 1-30
— TAG filing opens for fall 2017 applicants.

To view a year-round comprehensive UC Calendar of Events, click here.

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