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Which Community College for UC Berkeley

I recently answered the following question on Quora:

De Anza College
De Anza College, a bay area community college


Which California community college would be best to attend if I plan on attending UC Berkeley?
I’m interested in UC Berkeley — USC and Stanford are also on my list — and was wondering which community college I should attend if I plan on transferring? I’m curious to hear about several great CCCs that are relatively cheap, offer great courses, and and have excellent transfer programs.

A:  Can you please give us more information? For instance, what is your major? While there are feeder schools to various UCs within close proximity, when you look at the detailed stats their percentage of admits aren’t higher than numerous other CCCs, and sometimes are lower. It just looks overwhelming because so many apply.

However, if you are planning on engineering some CCCs in the Bay Area offer one or more extra courses, and even that one extra course can make a substantial difference in that major. Ones that come to mind are DeAnza, Diablo Valley, Laney. You can also attend another CCC and just take the extra class at one of those. …



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  1. Hi!
    I wanted to inquire about some great CCC’s that are better for transfer into the UC’s, I am most likely going to be majoring in Business Administration or Business Management. I am interested in the programs that UCLA, UCB, UCI has to offer.

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