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UC Transfer Guaranteed Admission (TAG) 2016


The TAG application window is approaching for those transfers who wish to apply to a UC this November.

TAG stands for Transfer Guaranteed Admission, and it does just what it says. It guarantees admission to one of the six UCs that are part of the program:  Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, or Santa Cruz.

You can only choose one campus to TAG, but can apply to as many UCs as you wish in November. You may also be part of either the UC Berkeley TAP or UCLA TAP programs.

TAG application window:  Sept 1-30
Apply online here

Below are the general rules for TAG, although it is vital that you check the rules for the campus you’re planning to TAG as each campus has its own requirements, including GPA minimums, and you will be disqualified if you fail to fulfill all of them.

Overview of TAG

  • You can only TAG one campus.
  • You must have 30 semester units completed by summer prior to applying Sept 1-30, and you must currently be enrolled at a CCC (California community college). The 30-unit count can include AP/IB credit.
  • International students at a CCC with a visa are eligible for TAG.
  • You must complete 60 semester units (90 quarter) by the following spring, and 30 of those must be from a CCC.
  • IGETC completion is not required to TAG, but you should try and complete the breadth path recommended for your major.
  • Each campus (and sometimes specific majors), has its own minimum GPA to qualify for TAG.
  • You must be in good standing at your CCC, or at your former UC (meaning your GPA is not less than 2.0).
  • If you previously attended a UC and transferred to a CCC, you cannot TAG the UC campus you left, although you can TAG another campus. (This does not include merely taking summer sessions at a UC.)
  • You are ineligible if you already have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • You are ineligible if you are currently in high school.
  • You cannot enroll in a non-CCC after you TAG.


Below are a few variations based on campus, but there may be other disqualifying elements. Be sure to check the specific campus in the Post Series above for more details on each TAG.

-> The major is guaranteed at all campuses assuming TAG requirements are completed, with these caveats:



-> It is crucial to complete the English and math courses as soon as possible to be eligible for TAG. Courses must receive a C grade or better. Here are the course deadlines by campus. (Note: These deadlines only apply to TAG.)

TAG English/Math deadlines 2017

-> You must stay under the campus transfer unit maximums in order to qualify for TAG. This means by end of spring immediately prior to UC enrollment, you will not be over these numbers. If you only attended a CCC, you will not be in jeopardy no matter how many courses you take. NOTE:  AP/IB credit is not applied to this unit count; however, ALL coursework from any UC or UC Extension is applied. See the Transfer Unit Maximums for more information on how to calculate.

Unit limitations to TAG at a UC

A last word about TAG

  • No transcripts are submitted with your TAG application
  • If you are not accepted into TAG your application is rolled over into regular admission

Links to TAG-related sites:
The 2016-2017 TAG Matrix
TAG overviews by individual campus

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