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Explore Alumni Careers for Each UC

While you explore various UCs, keep in mind where you might want to live after you graduate. That is something students don’t always think about, but there are two good reasons why you should:

  1. Statistically, more students attend schools near to where their family lives or where they plan to remain under ideal situations. So if you make a lot of friends at UCLA but know you will move back to the bay area, a lot of your friends might remain in L.A.
  2. Check out the jobs campus alumni secure. Recruiters tend to recruit at campuses near to where the company resides.  If you want to work for a corporation that has high recruitment from a specific campus, that might be a consideration for you.

Neither of the above are set in stone. People often move to take jobs and recruiters grab from other areas. But there is a higher concentration of local recruitment, and a higher concentration of alumni tend to live locally. So keep it in your mind’s eye as you consider options.

A good place to check alumni careers at each UC is on Linkedin.

The below charts show UC Davis on top and UCLA right below. Each lists the geographical area and corporations that are hiring their alums. When you click on a corporation (in the top case, Genentech), you can see the departmental percentages.

UC Davis alumni careers
UC Davis alumni at Genentech by department



UCLA alumni careers
UCLA Alumni at Apple by department

To see all the UC campus alumni hires, visit Linkedin’s UC page.

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