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UCSC - Hastings Law Program

UCSC & Hastings Law School Offer 3+3 Program

NOTE: This program has been discontinued.

What is a 3+3 program?

All you law school hopefuls, UC Santa Cruz offers an accelerated law degree program.

A 3+3 B.A./J.D. Program, sometimes called a BA to JD Programis an accelerated program in which you complete your B.A. and J.D. degrees in six years rather than the typical seven years.

 UCSC is only UC to offer this.

The way it works is you do three years at UCSC (for junior transfers, it would be one year) and then you move over to the three year law program at Hastings, if you are accepted. That first year at Hastings also counts as your fourth year at UCSC.

Course plans by discipline

You choose a generalized course of study at UCSC and there’s a fairly tight plan you follow.  You also need to get some internships under your belt as part of the plan. View the plans below and be sure to reach out to a UCSC advisor for suggestions on internship  ideas. NOTE:  As a transfer, it is crucial to get on board early on as there’s a lot to get done by middle of junior year.

View UCSC course plans

Requirements to participate

You must complete the following requirements by the end of your third year:
1. All general education requirements (IGETC)
2. All major requirements, including the exit requirement
3. At least 75 percent of the credits required for graduation from UCSC
4. The campus residency requirement

When do students apply to UC Hastings?

Applicants apply to UC Hastings between January 1st to March 1st of their junior year for enrollment at UC Hastings beginning the following August.

What is required for a completed application to UC Hastings?

To complete the application to Hastings, you will need to file the following within the window of Jan 1 – March 1 of your junior year at UCSC:

  • LSAC CAS Report
  • An official transcript
  • LSAT score
  • A Personal Statement
  • A resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • 3+3 Director of Legal Studies assessment letter
  • $75 application fee.

In order to take the LSAT, you must first create an account with the Law School Admissions Council’s Credential Assembly Service (LSAC CAS) on its website. This step should be done early in the fall quarter of a student’s junior year at UCSC.

 Is acceptance to Hastings guaranteed?

No, you must apply and may or may not be accepted. If not accepted, simply finish the fourth year at UCSC and apply to a law school in the usual manner.

Frequently asked questions

UCSC-Hastings FAQs

Where to go from here

If you are interested in the program, you should contact a UCSC pre-law adviser as early as possible to insure adequate pre-law counseling. There are also some pre-law prep seminars you can sign up for here.

UCSC-Hastings law school 3+3 website



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