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Computer Science Major , Berkeley UCLA

Computer Science GPA Range by UC Fall 2017

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3. Computer Science GPA Range by UC Fall 2017
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I’ve finally had some down time to update data for transfers hoping to be competitive at each of the UCs in the Computer Science major.

Needless to say, Berkeley and UCLA can be a tough nut to crack, but the other UCs are way more forgiving.

The keys to a successful transfer into CS are these components:

  1. High GPA
  2. Completion of all major requirements (they want to see strong math!)
  3. Completion, if possible, of a few recommended courses, if any are listed
  4. –> Extra-curricular activities are not as important

You can find major requirements by UC and CA community college at

GPA Range

This table rubric is the mid-50% who got accepted and is the sweet spot you want to hit — the higher the better. There are 25% who got in with a lower GPA, but keep in mind those could be students with special circumstances or other criteria that elevates them substantially. There are also 25% who got in above that mid-range (or 25% more who got in with a 4.0 if that is the top figure).

Admit rate

The admit rate is the percent of applicant to the major who were admitted. The higher the admit rate the easier it is to secure a spot.

To compare with 2015 data, click here.

Computer Science GPA and Admit Stats, 2017
UC Computer Science GPA rate


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  1. quote you: “Needless to say, Berkeley and UCLA can be a tough nut to crack, but the other UCs are way more forgiving.”
    With a 9% admit rate should have included UCSB with Berkeley and UCLA.

      1. Appreciate your speedy reply…but I’m not sure what UCSD has to do with my comment?
        I was just pointing out that it is just as difficult to gain admittance into the CS program at UCSB, as it is with Berkeley and UCLA.

      2. My error. I read fast. Thought you said UCSD.

          While the admit rate for UCSB CS is 9%, the mid-range admit GPA is slightly lower for UCSB. And the final enrollment GPA range is 3.65-3.88, while the admit and enroll GPA ranges stay the same for UCLA and Berkeley at approx 3.9-4.0. If you have a high GPA it will be easier to get into UCSB.
  2. Presently a first quarter junior at Stanford needed to relocate do to financial help with family. What will I need to transfer to UCR or UCSB

  3. My first year was at cal state and I have been at cc for one year. I know that if I have units from a 4 year there is a unit cap for me. I was wondering what that unit cap is? I have 30 semester units at cal state and 47 semester units at cc.

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