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BREAKING: The new ASSIST is up!

They promised the Next Gen Assist by May 2019 and unrolled it on May 31st. ( I’m impressed.)

I will be doing a more detailed review and breakdown of the site but for now, enjoy. The very not so user-friendly site has finally been transformed for the 21st century. 

Bravo to those behind the scenes. This could not have been an easy task.


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  1. Hi, Lindy! Thanks for all your blog posts. I’m a middle college teacher at a California Community College and a new IEC. I really appreciate reading your insights and getting updates on UC transfer!

    I was excited to see the new Assist but very disappointed when I tried to use it….It appears that they are still showing 2016-17 agreements as the most recent, and once you get past the fancy interface students are essentially given the same typewriter version of the agreement, just in PDF form. Do you know of any other improvements that they have made to the website that will be useful?

    I’ll look forward to seeing the schools update their agreements into a format that fits the new interface and is actually more user-friendly!

    Thanks again for your great work!


    1. Kelly,

      I hear ya! About a year ago, maybe a little longer, I took screenshots of the system in beta. It didn’t remotely look like this and had so much extreme functionality. This is just a cosmetic update and very disappointing. I will send you the screenshots I have. All I can hope is more is rolling out because it’s nothing to rave about. That’s one reason I’ve held off writing anything because it’s so minimal. Also, thanks for your enthusiasm re: my blog.

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