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College Board Changes AP Exams to Accommodate Pandemic

Coming on the heels of recent changes made by the College Board regarding AP exams, the board announced more changes moving forward, with the end result allowing for as much flexibility as possible.

Changes include:

  • Taking the AP test when it is most convenient for the test-taker.
  • Allowing the option of a paper and pencil exam if the student is attending in-person classes at their school, or choosing a digital version to be taken at home.
  • The exams are now back to the standard 3-4 hour format, unlike last year’s 45 minute exam. Both the in-person and digital formats are the same. However, nine of the 38 subject tests (primarily language and music theory) must be taken in-person.
  • There are now three test sessions per AP subject, offered early-May to mid-June.
  • Already in place is the elimination of the SAT subject tests and optional essays.

You may read more information on the AP exam changes here.



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