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Cross-enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and winter session

With late fall approaching, I wanted to mention a few options students have to broaden their course horizons.

Concurrent enrollment for CCC students
CA community college students have the option of taking one course at a UC each term (two a year). These courses are offered at a substantial discount. You need to go to your CCC center and find out the rules for your particular campus. Just remember, the concurrent plan should be $30 a unit for a UC course, as opposed to $300-400+ per unit charge for the regular public.

Winter intersession
If you need a course and pronto to fulfill a requirement you’re missing by this spring (or to quickly replace a bad grade), and you already applied this November, you may be able to grab one at a CCC that offers intersession. Some are in-class, some are online. Best place to look is below. (It is last year’s list, but the same campuses should be offering essentially the same courses. Links to all campuses are included:
Winter session CCC list via Santa Barbara Community College 

Online courses
You can also search for online (virtual) courses here:
California Virtual College

Current UC students
Current UC students can always cross-enroll online at any of the UCs. Here’s the link to search subject areas:
UC Cross-Enroll

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