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UC Terminates Financial Aid to New Out-of-State Students

In a recent development, the UC Regents approved a plan to add 5,000 more California students to their enrollment numbers starting in 2016-17, with plans to increase that number to 10,000 within the next three years. In order to help fund these new California students, the Regents have now just approved wording that will phase out need-based aid for out-of-state undergraduate students beginning next year.  Out-of-state students currently enrolled in a UC will still be eligible for aid, as the plan is targeted for new students only.

Out-of-state and international undergrads currently pay a supplemental tuition of $24,024 on top of the regular tuition of $13,432 (not including fees). Until now, UC out-of-state students had the possibility of financial aid covering some of the in-state tuition. Now, with the phase out, that aid money, which totals about 14 million, will funnel over to help accommodate the new California undergrads.

In addition, the UC plans to increase non-resident supplemental tuition by 8% next year, as well as admit 1,200 more non-resident undergraduate students. That additional 8% will fill in the remaining missing funds needed to accommodate the additional California students.

So the big news for non-residents: More openings, higher supplemental tuition.

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