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UCI Transfer Rates Fall 2015 – Humanities majors

This is the last post in the UCI overview series of fall 2015 transfer admits by major.

The others in the series are: (1) engineering and CS majors; (2) social sciences and related majors; and (3) physical and biological sciences.

Note that I have not documented the Arts as there are so many variables above and beyond GPA (including portfolios and auditions) that it’s hard to quantify how someone gets in.  Please refer to the UCI source material for specific majors in the arts.

Use the chart below to gauge where you might fall in the spectrum, and use it to possible analyze similar majors to see if one might be a better (or easier) fit.

UCI statistics for English and other humanities majors
source: Office of Institutional Research, UCI
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Lindy King

Lindy is an independent UC admissions consultant, who works with both transfers and freshmen. She also has just completed her first novel, a supernatural thriller set in San Francisco.

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