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Last Day To Apply For UCD Regents Scholarship

Last Day to Apply for UCD Regents Scholarship

Just a quick heads up: Today is the last day for transfer students to file for a UC Davis Regents Scholarship. Davis is the only UC to make transfers apply in advance.  Click here to get to the Davis regents link.

You will need a 3.8 GPA, plus one letter of recommendation by today, so if you have not been on top of that it could be a hindrance. If you think the letter may be late, I suggest you still try and submit, then contact the Regents office and see what advice they might have for you.

The amount is hefty — $7,500 every year for two years.

Good luck!

Lindy King

CA College Transfer offers college admissions services to students hoping to transfer to a UC. Lindy King is the author of the best-selling UC transfer book, "How to Transfer to a UC from a California Community College," now in its 3rd edition. Available on Amazon and iTunes.

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