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Tying Up Loose Ends, UC

UC TAU, Audits and Withdrawing Your Application

Tying up loose ends as you await the results of your UC application.

Transfer Academic Update (TAU)

You are required to update your application with Fall 2019 grades and confirmation/modification of winter/spring 2020 courses by January 31st for priority consideration.

All transfer applicants must submit a TAU, including students who applied in December or early January to one of the three open campuses, and including students who have no fall 2019 grades or winter/spring 2020 courses to report.  Failure to complete the TAU may cause you to get rejected. 

You may also continue to update the TAU through late March, but to maintain priority the first update needs to be in January. Also, if you update in February or March you should also email each UC via its portal as there is no guarantee after the Jan 31st deadline that the campus will check the TAU.

Audit Reports Deadline

In December, a random sampling of transfer applicants were selected to verify information in their application. This meant providing documentation to verify one item, chosen from courses, honors and awards, extra-curricular activities, a job or information in a personal insight answer.

Within the emailed instructions, applicants were provided a list of appropriate documentation. Appropriate documentation might include official transcripts, a letter from a counselor or coach on letterhead, or a copy of a certificate or award.

The deadline to respond is January 31, 2020. Failure to respond to the request by the deadline will result in withdrawal of the application.

Withdrawing your Application

If you wish to withdraw your application please visit each UC campus site and follow the instructions.



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