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Do UC Admissions Have Access to Previous Applications

 I occasionally answer questions on Quora. Below is one question and answer:

Do UC admissions have access to your previous applications including your old personal statement?

— For instance, if you had applied once, but had not been accepted the first time, and now want to register for the same(or different) universities, will this influence the admission officers? Also, will they be able to see what you have written to the other universities a few years ago if you transfer

A:  Yes, the UCs do have access to the entire previous application/s and they will definitely look, mainly to check for discrepancies (date changes, Extra-Curricular switches, etc). This also applies to transfer reapplications, although supposedly the admissions office does not look at any freshman application you might have submitted if you later apply as a transfer.

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  1. Hi, I applied to the the UC’s as a senior in high school, unfortunately didn’t get accepted and am now applying again as a transfer student. I had a personal insight question from my last application cycle that I still feel is very strong. Would it be bad to reuse (or slightly tweak) and resubmit it? Will this decrease my chances of being accepted?

    1. Yes, you can reuses it. And anyway, in this case as a transfer applicant, admissions does not have access to your freshman application. (They do have access to past transfer applications.)

  2. Hi, Lindy.
    Would a previous application affect the chance of admittance if someone were to reapply? I applied to UCs last year but with a different major; would it seem less attractive to have this history with the UC if I were to reapply this year (both times as a transfer student)?
    Or do they ONLY look for academic and extracurricular discrepancies?
    Hope to hear back!

    1. They have access to previous transfer applications if you apply as a transfer. They do not have access to any freshman applications as a transfer applicant. I can’t imagine they would care about a change of major. If they looks it’s mainly to see that dates line up (jobs, schooling, activities).

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