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Preparing For Transfer To A UC

UC Housing, Aid Offers, Orientation and DAR

Whether you’re a freshman or a transfer, there is just so much minutiae to keep track of after getting accepted to a UC. Below are some of the other things that students have questions about (in addition to accepting the offer and following the admissions contract).


Admission decision notification method

Portal and U.S. mail
Berkeley, Irvine, UCLA, Merced, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

Portal, email and U.S. mail
Davis, Riverside

Financial aid offer

Preliminary offer with admission notice
Berkeley, Davis, UCLA, San Diego

Preliminary offer shortly after acceptance notice
Irvine, Merced, Santa Barbara

Riverside – Official offer mid-March on portal
Santa Cruz – Preliminary offer mid-April on portal; Official offer after June 1

Housing deadline by campus

Berkeley : June 7, 11:59P
Davis:  June 5, 11:59P
Irvine: June 1, 11:59P
UCLA:  June 1, 4P
Merced: June 6, 11:59P
Riverside: May 10, 11:59P
San Diego: June 1, 11:59P
Santa Barbara: June 10, 4P
Santa Cruz: June 30, 11:59P

Academic reports

Final transcripts
due July 1

Official test scores and IGETC
due July 15

High school transcripts required
Irvine, Merced (recommended), Santa Barbara (if full IGETC not certified), Santa Cruz

Missing document notification

By email and on portal
Berkeley – around July 10
Davis – after July 15
Irvine – around mid-June

Unknown date
UCLA, Merced (no email), Riverside (no email), San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

Summer orientation cost

Berkeley:  $210
Davis: several options from $99.50 – $163.50 (with overnight stay). Reduced rates for EOP students.
Irvine: $45 – $295 (with overnight stay); $57 for guests
UCLA: $160
Merced: $100, $90 for guests
Riverside: $90
San Diego: cost varies
Santa Barbara: $65
Santa Cruz: $145,  $110 for guests

Optional summer programs for UC transfers

Berkeley: Transfer Edge
Davis: AvenueE by invitation only
Irvine: Transfer Edge
UCLA:  Transfer Summer Program (TSP) offered for Academic Advancement Program (AAP) students only
Merced: none offered
San Diego: various
Santa Barbara: Transfer Summer Program
Santa Cruz: Summer Academy

Is there a degree audit report prior to transfer

Yes, upon receipt of official transcript and attendance at an orientation
UCLA, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara

Yes, after SIR and based on self-reporting
Davis, Merced

Berkeley, Santa Cruz

For more deadlines and requirements after transfer, see What to Do After You Get Into a UC.


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Lindy is an independent UC admissions consultant, who works with both transfers and freshmen. She also has just completed her first novel, a supernatural thriller set in San Francisco.

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