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Transferring To A UC

UC Transfer Admissions Data Fall 2017 and Fall 2018

The University of California recently updated several webpages with information that can help transfers and freshmen navigate the thorny process of admissions.

Transfers by Major

First, transfer data by major has finally been updated to reflect the GPA mid-range for all majors at every UC campus, based on fall 2017 admission. You may also view by CCC and see how many students successfully transferred into which majors.  Click on this link to view the data.



De Anza College

Next up, is a detailed interactive map that shows where students from each California community college landed. It calculates two areas by any year you choose: (1) Total number of transfers to all the UCs by CCC, and (2) how many students from each CCC got admitted to Berkeley, UCLA, and every other campus. Keep in mind, as I tell all my clients, a high number of admits to one particular UC (such as Santa Monica College to UCLA) does not mean your chances are really that much better. Numbers out of context are only part of the picture. SMC’s admit rate to UCLA may look high at first blush, but the reality is their admit rate hovers around 39%, and numerous other CCCs have that same number or higher. Your chances will always  depend overwhelmingly on GPA and other criteria over CCC (in most cases).  So don’t upend your life to move to Santa Monica from the bay area because you think you need to be at SMC to get to UCLA. Your chances of getting in from a bay area CCC is just as good.
Click here for the CCC-UC interactive link.


Admissions by source school

UC to UC

This little gem gives you a lot of data to sort through, including ethnicity breakdowns by school, average GPA of admitted students by CCC, as well as detailed transfer stats on UC-UC, CSU and CA private universities. You can also compare various years.  Click here for source school data.



Freshman applicants

For the freshmen applicants I work with (on essays) here is a matrix showing detailed information about what is needed at each UC to successfully make the cut for fall 2018.

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Lindy is an independent UC admissions consultant, who works with both transfers and freshmen. She also has just completed her first novel, a supernatural thriller set in San Francisco.

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