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UC Berkeley, UCLA Admission Notices, Transfers

2018 UC Transfer Admission Notification Dates

The magic hour is upon us when UC fall 2018 transfer admission notifications will begin rolling out.

Bookmark this page because I will update regularly.

–> For 2019 dates, click here.

UC Berkeley

2018:  Friday, April 27, 3p
Haas interview requests: starting March 22 (3 waves)

2017:  Friday, April 28, 3:30p
2016:  Friday, April 29, 3:30p
2015:  Friday, April 24, 4:40p

UCB portal

UC Davis

2018:  Fri, April 20, 3p

2017:  April 21, starting at 3p
2016: Friday, April 22, 2p
2015:  Friday, April 17 (Regents announcement came with the acceptance notices.)

UCD portal

UC Irvine

2018:  TAG admittances, March 21 (excrutiatingly slow roll started April 6)

2017: April 19 at 3p; big drop April 21. (TAG/Honors-to-Honors got accepted  March 14)
2016: Started Thursday, April 14, with a huge drop on Friday, April 22. Regents notices/acceptances first week of March
2015:  Friday, April 24-30, with Regents notices/acceptances on April 4.

UCI portal


2018:  Wed, April 25, 5:10p

2017: Wednesday, April 26, 5p
2016: Friday, April 22, 5p
2015: Friday, April 17

UCLA portal

UC Merced

2018:  Tues, March 20, although possibly started earlier (based on previous years, maybe a long wait thereafter)

2017:  started in April (rolling)
2016: started for a few Friday, March 4 (rolling)
Count Me In Program: Competitive applicants not accepted to the other UCs to which they applied are usually offered space at Merced.  I assume it will occur this year, as well.

UCM portal

UC Riverside

2018: Mon, March 5 (rolling)

2017:  March 14 – May 4 (rolling)
2016: started on Tuesday, March 1 – April (rolling)

UCR portal

UC San Diego

2018:  Thurs, April 26, 5:40p

2017:  small drop March 10; Main drop: April 21 and April 24
2016: Friday, March 11 early drop, then a long dead space (which is usually how UCSD operates). Main drop on Friday, April 22
2015: Same as above, an early drop, then silence, with main announcement around Friday, April 17

UCSD portal

UC Santa Barbara

2018:  Mon, March 19, April 1, April 16 (rolling April 17-May 1); TAG interspersed.

2017:  March 21, 2p (rolling)
2016: Friday, March 22 at 2p through April (rolling)
2015:  Monday, March 16 -April 30 (very slow roll-out)

UCSB portal

UC Santa Cruz

2018: Tues, March 13 (rolling)

2017:  March 17 –  April 30, 2017 (rolling); some heard May 1
2016: Thursday, March 17 through April (rolling); although some didn’t hear until early May

UCSC portal

Finally, the UCs will not always send an email notification (in fact, more often than not they don’t). So be sure to check your portal.

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    Hi, I’d like to thank you so much for keeping me updated on the transfer dates and wanted to help you update the page! I just got in UCI today, March 21, at 3:00 AM (I applied for TAG). Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful rest of the night.

    With gratitude,
    Jamie Jang

  2. UCI Acceptance

    Thanks for your work on keeping those that want to transfer to a UC updated on acceptancedecisions dates, and I would like to contribute to it:

    I was accepted into UC Irvine on 14 April 2018 with a 3.9 GPA from a community college.

  3. Some UCSD admissions have been released 4/25 @ around 5. I believe they are sending them out in batches.

    1. Great news! If you got into UCLA Comm Studies, you’ll Likely get Media Studies, since getting into Comm Studies is substantially harder. Which one do you think you’ll pick?

  4. My daughter heard was accepted to UC Davis on April 20 and to UC Irvine on April 26.
    She got a rejection letter from UCLA on April 25. Still waiting to hear back from UCSD!

    Thanks for keeping this site updated, it is so much appreciated.

  5. Hi as a computer science major, I got accepted in UCI and waitlisted for UCSD. I must wait another 3 months to hear from UCSD back Thank you

  6. Applied as Computer Science/Computer Science and Engineering major with 3.54 GPA getting 2 Associates degrees (one for math and one for scientific programming) while working 40+ hours/week at a startup as a software engineer

    So far I’ve been rejected from almost every school: UCLA, UCSD, UCD

    waitlisted at UCSB and still waiting for UCB and UCI. If I don’t get into UCI I’m really SOL.

    I have no idea what to do, I’m honestly panicking. 🙁

    1. Are you sure you got all the requirements completed? You should call one of the mid-tier UCs and ask. The odds are you would have gotten UCSC in case you decide to apply again. Also, I’m assuming you did not TAG SB, Irvine or Davis. Choose one of those campuses to TAG next year – but not Davis if you aren’t a full-time student. Better option is to TAG UCSB or Irvine. Plus, add UCSC to the application. Apply to: Irvine, Davis, UCSB and UCSC.
      Don’t despair.

      1. Hi Lindy,

        Thanks for the reply. I ended up getting rejected at Berkeley (duh) and waitlisted at Irvine. I have met with my counselor dozens of times over the past two years to ensure that I would have IGETC and articulated courses on completed by spring of this year, which I will. I would have TAG’d UC Davis but an admissions officer had told me that my major prep GPA was not good enough to qualify for my major’s TAG even though my overall GPA was above the threshold, so I did not do it. I really don’t want to do another year of community college. If the waitlists don’t pan out, I’ll probably just continue working and worry about college later down the road or something.

  7. So far I have been rejected from UCLA, Davis, UCSD, and Berkley, still waiting to hear from Irvine. I had a 3.8 gpa, almost 70 credits, plenty of volunteer hours, A.V.I.D, & I’ve played sports through high school and my community college, and it still was not good enough. Not sure if its based on race, finances, or in state vs. out of state, but the UC schools are definitely crap here in California.

      1. I am in state, and Biological sciences. I know the major is impacted, but still, I graduated high school early and gained so many courses I needed for my major. I am running out of classes to take her at my community college.

  8. Hello, thank you for this forum. It’s May 2 and my daughter hasn’t heard from anyone yet. I think Santa Barbara is her first choice for transfer as a junior college student. She double-check all her requirements etc. in Feb. Her other choices were Irvine, San Diego and UCD. Any ideas why we haven’t heard yet?

    1. These last couple of years some of the UCs have dawdled past April 30. But it’s odd she hasn’t heard from anyone. Your daughter definitely needs to call each UC and ask. Did she TAG anywhere because that should definitely have come out. This is a long shot but did she not actually submit the application? I’ve seen it happen. Was she able to fill out TAU in January? If so, then the application was submitted. It’s time to call. Good luck to your daughter.

      1. Yes, she was working with a counselor at the school and I’m pretty sure she TAG UCSB. (Not sure what TAU is.) We’ll start calling.

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