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Waiting Or UC Admission Notifications

2019 UC Transfer Admission Notification Dates

The waiting is the hardest part.

I’m getting a head start on transfer notification announcements for each UC.

Bookmark this page because I will update often.

UC Berkeley

2019:  Friday, April 19, 3p
Haas interview requests: March 22

2018:  Friday, April 27, 3p
–Haas interview requests started March 22 (3 waves)
2017:  Friday, April 28, 3:30p
2016:  Friday, April 29, 3:30p
2015:  Friday, April 24, 4:40p

UCB portal

UC Davis

2019:  TAG notifications Nov 15
Fri, April 19, 3p

2018:  Friday, April 27, 3p
2017:  April 21, starting at 3p
2016: Friday, April 22, 2p
2015:  Friday, April 17 (Regents announcement came with the acceptance notices.)

UCD portal

UC Irvine

2019:  Tues, April 2;  April 12 – w/ Regents, (then rolling through late April)

2018:  TAG admittances, March 21 (excrutiatingly slow roll started April 6) 
2017: April 19 at 3p; big drop April 21. (TAG/Honors-to-Honors got accepted  March 14)
2016: Started Thursday, April 14, with a huge drop on Friday, April 22. Regents notices/acceptances first week of March
2015:  Friday, April 24-30, with Regents notices/acceptances on April 4.

UCI portal


2019:  Wed, April 24, 5p

Art, Design + Media Open House invite: Thurs, March 28

2018:  Wed, April 25, 5:10p
2017: Wed, April 26, 5p
2016: Friday, April 22, 5p
2015: Friday, April 17

UCLA portal

UC Merced

2019:  Wed, March 20 (small roll-out)

2018:  Tues, March 20, possibly started earlier (rolling) 
2017:  started in April (rolling)
2016: started for a few Friday, March 4 (rolling)
Count Me In Program: Competitive applicants not accepted to the other UCs to which they applied are usually offered space at Merced.  I assume it will occur this year, as well.

UCM portal

UC Riverside

2019:  Wed, March 6 (rolling thereafter)

2018: Mon, March 5 (rolling)
2017:  March 14 – May 4 (rolling)
2016: started on Tuesday, March 1 – April (rolling)

UCR portal

UC San Diego

2019:  Fri, April 26, 4p

2018:  Thurs, April 26, 5:40p
2017:  small drop March 10; Main drop: April 21 and April 24
2016: Friday, March 11 early drop, then a long dead space (which is usually how UCSD operates). Main drop on Friday, April 22
2015: Same as above, an early drop, then silence, with main announcement around Friday, April 17

UCSD portal

UC Santa Barbara

2019:  Tues, March 19, 2p (first roll-out); then April 1, 15, and 30

2018:  Mon, March 19, April 1, April 16 (rolling April 17-May 1); TAG interspersed
2017:  March 21, 2p (rolling)
2016: Friday, March 22 at 2p through April (rolling)
2015:  Monday, March 16 -April 30 (very slow roll-out)

UCSB portal

UC Santa Cruz

2019: Sunday, March 17, midnight (first roll-out); into May

2018: Tues, March 13 (rolling)
2017:  March 17 –  April 30, 2017 (rolling); some heard May 1
2016: Thursday, March 17 through April (rolling); although some didn’t hear until early May

UCSC portal

Finally, the UCs will not always send an email notification (in fact, more often than not they don’t). So be sure to check your portal.

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  1. I got an email from UCI saying they would release a decision by “Early Spring”. I’m an honors to honors applicant though.

      1. “Your UCI H2H Certification was received. We will reach out to you directly should we have any additional questions. Notification of your admission status will be posted in the UCI MyAdmission Portal in early Spring. You will get a notification via email to check your portal.”
        I got it on the 24th.

  2. I tried to login in my UCR account today to check for admission status but it seems like the server is down, does anybody has any Idea why is that?

    1. I wish! Basically, as I recall, they just pretty much come out willy nilly. UCI has never been very forthcoming in this area. If you hear anything, let me know! ?

  3. UCI Transfer admissions opened an IG a Account where they specifically said TAG will come out before general applications. And they said general applications will hear back on the last two weeks of April so maybe this is confirming that UCI will release TAG decisions during the first two weeks of April?

    1. One would assume, but UCI is the least obvious in what it does. As I recall, last year some TAGs didn’t get notified in first round. What you’re saying seems to me to be logical. I hope you make first round! 🙂

      I did hear about that Instagram account and am following it. Or rather, my dog is. ?

  4. Hi – my daughter applied to transfer to UCSC, UCD and UCSD as a junior from a 4-year out of state university (but is a CA resident). She spoke to a counselor at UCSC several times to make sure she was taking the best possible classes for meeting the requirements. Do you know if applicants from 4-year schools typically hear decisions later than those from community colleges?

    1. I cannot answer definitively as each UC uses a different process and I’m sure a lot of it is not set in stone. Some UCs announce TAG applicants first, while others don’t. It would make a degree of sense if they hold off a bit on OOS to see how things shake out in a major, but that’s just a possibility I can envision (no clear evidence). In terms of UCSC, the campus has been admitting almost all transfer students who qualify, so hopefully it will be good news for your daughter. Good luck!

    1. Berkeley posted April 19 at the start and verified it again with an email. UCSD and UCLA have not given a specific date and the last thing I want to do is bug them with a question they won’t answer. Enough students, unfortunately, are doing that already. My hunch is they’re trying to speed it up based on Berkeley’s announced date, but don’t want to finalize a date they can’t meet.

    1. I was wondering the same thing, and I did the H2H program but I’m not sure if that affects it. A friend of mine got hers on April 2nd. There’s an Irvine rep coming to my school on Tuesday, I might ask.

      1. If they tell you anything please update in the replies! I dont know any friends that got april 2nd but I heard about it and wondered when I would get mine. Thanks!

  5. I applied to UCI and I TAG with them. I also had two other friends TAG with them and had others that applied, but didn’t TAG. The two friends that TAG heard back on April 2nd they both got accepted. I haven’t heard anything back. Other friends haven’t heard anything yet.

  6. Hi, lindy, did UCI give out the notification of the regents scholarship for the transfer student already?

    1. Yes, at least some were notified. Whether it’s the whole batch, I don’t know. But I kind of think they’d do it all at once, which is usually how it works.

      1. Thanks! Lindy. I got admitted on April 2nd, but I didn’t heard anything about regents. Do u know how to check the result of the regents? Or do they only give regent to the people who get admitted on April 12th? Thx!

  7. I wonder if UCLA would release the decisions on April 17 or 19 as UC Davis and UCB had confirmed they gonna release it on April 19?

    1. We’ll find out soon enough. As for me, for now, I’m sticking with the 24th. Last year they announced the time a few hours before so I suspect they might do that again.

      1. Thanks! Lindy. I agree it seems they will most likely release it on 24th. I hope they will try their best to stick with Berkeley’s deadline.

  8. Just received admittance to UCSC. Not sure if it came through yesterday or this morning as I did not check yesterday. Hopefully this means other transfer students should be seeing something if they haven’t already. Strangely I was prompted to check this morning because I got an email about joining their fb group for transfer students.
    On a side note, I applied and TAGed into UCI and still have not gotten a response. Nor have I heard from UCSD.

    1. UCI does not send all TAGs out at once, so assuming there is no violation of the rules, you just haven’t been notified yet. UCSD has not yet released. Congrats on UCSC!

  9. Hi Lindy, I got waitlisted for UCLA so I would like to opt-in for waitlist. I have few questions regarding waitlist:
    1. Will the possibility be very slim for me to get in? 🙁 I am econ major.
    2. When UCLA selects students from the waitlist, what do they look for? My Winter grades?? Or do they still use my application(which was submitted in November) to make the decision?
    3. For Additional Comment, can I write a mini-personal statement(maybe a paragraph)? For example, can I talk about something I was not able to put in my application because theres not enough space in EC section?
    Or, should it be very simple w/ bulletpoints??

    Thank you!! 🙂

  10. Hi Lindy, I got accepted to UCLA today. I have a question for you regarding a friend who got denied for biology for UCLA but she got accepted to all the other UC’s she applied. My question is if she appeals before May 15, when will she hear back?
    We both want to go to the same school, so if she won’t hear back before June 1, I will have to SIR to one of the schools that we both get in and I will have to decline UCLA. Do you think there is a possibility for me to SIR two schools and wait for her appeal?

  11. Oh boy. It pained me to reject my admission offer to UCLA, my parents were hoping I would go there and stay close to home. It’s a good school, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. Seeing comments about people on the waiting list who really want it makes me feel better. Good luck!

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