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UC Admissions Deadlines

UC Updates for Freshman and Transfers – May 2023

UC Merced SIR extension for freshmen

UC Merced has extended its first year Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) deadline to June 1.

TAG for winter quarter/spring semester 2024

UC Merced and UC Riverside are currently accepting applications for the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for winter quarter/spring semester 2024. The TAG application filing period has been extended to May 1–June 30 for students interested in transferring mid-year to UC Merced or UC Riverside.

As the June 1 SIR deadline approaches, please follow these guidelines:

Submission of documents for admitted students


Freshmen who accept an offer of admission must submit final, official transcripts from their high/secondary school and transcripts for all college/university coursework attempted to the one UC campus where they intend to enroll.

  • All official high school transcripts must include the date of graduation and final senior year grades.
  • Students with international coursework must submit an official academic record (transcript) directly from the international institution. UC campuses will not accept international coursework posted to a U.S. transcript (pass-along credit).
  • International transcripts issued in a language that does not use the Roman alphabet must include an official translation.


Transfer students who accept an offer of admission must submit transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and for all coursework attempted.

  • Students with post-secondary attendance at an international institution must submit the official academic record (transcript) directly from the international institution(s) issued in English or with an official English translation.
  • Students must submit the official high/secondary school transcript(s) if requested by the campus.

Transcripts, exam scores and IGETC

  • Final, official transcripts/academic records from every institution attended must be submitted to the campus where the student plans to enroll by July 1, or, for quarter-system schools, as soon as final spring grades are posted.
  • All UC campuses strongly encourage all official transcripts to be submitted electronically from an acceptable electronic transcript vendor.
  • High schools and colleges that are unable to submit transcripts electronically may send official, sealed transcripts (hard copy) directly to the campus through a mail delivery service.
  • Emailed transcripts are neither allowed nor accepted.
  • Official AP/IB/A-level exam scores must be postmarked or delivered electronically by July 15, or as soon as the results are available.
  • Full or partial UC IGETC certification must be postmarked or delivered electronically by July 15, either posted directly to the official transcript or as a separate document, per IGETC Standards section 12.3.3.

All UC campuses highly recommend that UC IGETC certification be sent electronically as a notation on the transcript or as a hard copy through a mail delivery service. Except in rare instances or extenuating circumstances, emailed certificates will not be accepted. Delivery of IGETC by any method other than that preferred by the campus may result in processing delays.

Schools unable to meet the transcript deadline

If a transfer student cannot meet the July 1 deadline, contact the UC campus directly.


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