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UC Scout

Take Virtual High School Courses via UC Scout


UC Scout is a program through the Boy Scouts that allows high school students to take online courses subjects A-G, as well as computer science for course credit.  Recognized by the University of California, it is a great way to augment your coursework with virtual classes, as needed.

Reporting UC Scout courses in the UC application

On demand courses

On your college application, in addition to your primary high school, you’ll need to add UC Scout as another high school you attended. You can locate UC Scout by searching for any of the following:

  • By name: “Scout from University of California”
  • By school code/CEEB code: 054149
  • By location: Santa Clara, CA (zip code 95054)

For the Common Application: To add UC Scout, click the “Common App” tab and locate the “Education” section. Then, under “Other Secondary/High Schools,” select the number of other educational institutions you have enrolled in. If UC Scout is the only one, select “1”, then you can search by our name or CEEB code.

  1. In the “Academic History” section of your application, add the course(s) you took at UC Scout and report the final grade(s) you received.
  2. Send an official transcript from UC Scout to the college of your choice only when the UC requests it. Official transcripts may be ordered through Parchment.

Plus Courses

You’ll know if you took a course through UC Scout’s Plus plan if your teacher is from your primary high school, not from UC Scout. You’ll report Plus courses in the “Academic History” section of your application, the same way you’ll report other courses taken at your high school. You do not need to search UC Scout. UC Scout Plus courses should appear on your high school transcript automatically.

Basic Courses

Courses taken through UC Scout’s Basic plan should not be reported as A-G courses on your college application. You may explain elsewhere in your application why you took a Basic course, but you will not receive official credit for it. No transcript is generated for Basic courses.

Reporting courses to your high school

On Demand Courses

First off, confirm with your high school counselor that your high school will accept UC Scout courses for credit before enrolling in an On Demand course. After your final grade has been

UC Scout Course Deadlines

Students have until November 16 to enroll in a UC Scout On Demand course for the current fall term.

On Demand enrollment for the 2024 spring term begins on November 17, and the start of the 2024 spring term will begin on January 16, 2024.

More info on UC Scout here.

NOTE: “SCOUT” is a trademark of the Boy Scouts of America, and is used under license. All rights reserved.

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