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Guide to Business, Econ, Math and Finance Majors by UC

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1. Guide to Business, Econ, Math and Finance Majors by UC
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How to choose the best business-related major at a UC

There are so many business-related majors at all nine UCs, in different configurations, I decided to list them in one place for easy reference.  Below is a handy guide to business, finance, econ, math and environmental subject areas. You can visit each UC for specific course requirements. The requirements by UC and major are are also listed in my magnum opus, How to Transfer to a UC from a  California Community College, available on Amazon and iBooks

Business Administration major

Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside

Business Economics major

Irvine, UCLA, Riverside

Economics major

all 9  UCs

Management-related majors

Davis:  Managerial Economics
Irvine: Business Information Management
Merced:  Management and Business Economics
Riverside (1): Administrative Studies/Economics
Riverside (2): Business Informatics
UCSD:  Management Science
UCSC: Business Management Economics

Mathematics-Economics majors

Irvine:  Quantitative Economics
UCLA: Mathematics/Economics
UCSD:  Economics and Mathematics (joint major)
UCSB: Economic and Accounting
UCSC:  Economics/Mathematics

Mathematics-Finance majors

Davis:  Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research
UCLA:  Financial Actuarial Mathematics
UCSB (1):  Actuarial Science
UCSB (2): Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Environment-related majors

Berkeley:  Environmental Economics and Policy
UCSC: Environmental Studies/Economics

International/political-related majors

Berkeley: Political Economy
UCSD: International Studies/Economics

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