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UC Santa Cruz

10 Easiest Transfer Majors: UCSC, UCR, UC Merced

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Choosing a UC major if your GPA is sort of wonky

As part of a series on the Top Ten easiest majors for transfer students at each of the UCs, the following covers Santa Cruz, Riverside and Merced.

As previously noted, these lists do not include the following:

  • Language:  All language majors have higher admits and lower admitted GPAs
  • Creative arts, which usually have lower GPAs but include a portfolio (and often have low admit rates)
  • STEM majors because of the high number of required prep courses.

If you are not clear about Mid-Range GPA or Admit Rate, see 10 Easiest Majors at Berkeley, UCLA and San Diego for details.  You may also view the 10 Easiest Majors at Irvine, Davis and Santa Barbara.

10 Easiest Majors to Transfer into UC Santa Cruz

1.Women's Studies3.31 - 3.6871%
2.Art History3.20 - 3.6368%
3.Linguistics3.04 - 3.7171%
4.Literature3.13 - 3.6774%
5.History2.98 - 3.6072%
6.Legal Studies2.93 - 3.4766%
7.Earth Science3.08 - 3.5070%
8.Community Studies3.16 - 3.6169%
9.Politics3.06 - 3.6569%
10.Anthropology3.10 - 3.6767%

10 Easiest Majors to Transfer into UC Riverside

1.Ethnic Studies2.86 - 3.3689%
2.Global Studies2.93 - 3.4875%
3.English2.96 - 3.5977%
4.History2.97 - 3.5575%
5.Religious Studies2.83 - 3.2880%
6.Public Service - Poli Sci2.90 - 3.5188%
7.Anthropology2.90 - 3.5179%
8.Economics3.02 - 3.5481%
9.Political Science2.91 - 3.5377%
10.Sociology2.91 - 3.4477%

4 Easiest Majors to Transfer into UC Merced

I only listed four here because there are not that many majors at Merced and the Comp Sci and Bio majors are fairly competitive and course-intensive.

Undeclared2.92 - 3.4194%
Economics3.03 - 3.5464%
Political Science2.96 - 3.5962%
Psychology2.91 - 3.4856%


This Post Has One Comment

  1. Hello Lindy,

    I am in Jr year, my GPA bad got affected in sophomore due to remote school and also health issues.
    Now GPA shows upward trend in JR year. I have about 3.5 unweighted GPA( 1 D in sphomore year due to health condition , which retook in summer and got A) . My weighted GPA is about 3.7-3.8.

    What are my chances to get into UC Irvine or UC SantaCruz or UCR or UCDavis for Phsycology or neuroscience or Bio majors?
    Or any other majors that’s is easy to get in?

    Is it easy transfer major at most of the UCs?

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