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16 Things You Need To Know To TAG To A UC

16 Things You Need to Know to TAG to a UC

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UC TAG for fall 2018 transfer applicants is now available online.

TAG, for the uninitiated, means Transfer Admission Guarantee — and yes, it means exactly what it says — guaranteed admission to one of six UCs:  Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz. (UC Berkeley, UCLA and San Diego do not offer TAG.)

So, here’s how guaranteed admission works (all relevant links are at the bottom of this page):

1. You must currently be attending a California Community College (CCC).

You can be a CA resident, an international student with a visa, or from out-of-state, but you must be directly transferring from a CCC.

2. You must fulfill the definition of a CCC student.

This means by the end of the final spring term, you must complete at least 30 UC-transferable semester (45 qtr) units from one or more CCC — and the last college attended in a regular year session must be at a CCC.

3.  TAG non-eligibility 

You are not eligible for TAG if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree, or a professional degree. If you were previously enrolled at a UC (not including summer) you cannot TAG the UC you attended. You also cannot currently be enrolled in high school.

4. Completing the TAG application

The TAG application is available online from Sept 1-30.  You choose one UC to TAG. Keep in mind you must also submit the regular UC application during its application window of November 1-30.

5. Which term does TAG apply?

It applies for the following fall term only.  (Exception is Merced, which also has a spring TAG with a May 1-30 application window. See bottom of page for details.)

6. TAG approval is conditional

Most of the six UCs let you know of conditional approval in early November. (Currently, Irvine does not send out notices.)  The approval is based on your fulfilling all the remaining coursework and GPA requirements per the TAG agreement for that UC.

7. Does conditional mean it’s not a guarantee?

TAG approval is a guarantee assuming you fulfill the contract stipulations through the end of spring term. Possible reasons for rejection might include: getting a D or F in any subsequent term; falling below the minimum cumulative GPA requirement for the specific TAG; not fulfilling major requirements; under 60 semester/90 qtr units by final spring term. (At the end of this page are links to each UC TAG contract. Be sure to study the rules carefully.)

8. What happens if I am rejected from TAG

If your TAG application is rejected you are funneled over into the regular application pool. And BTW, if you’re TAG is approved, you are not obligated to attend that UC.  

9. Majors excluded from TAG

Some UCs have majors that are excluded from TAG.

Davis – Landscape Architecture (you can apply via TAG but are accepted into pre-landscape architecture and it is not a guarantee you will be admitted into the major as there are additional requirements at Davis);  Textile and Clothing; and Fiber and Polymer Science
Irvine – Business Administration; Cognitive Science; Dance; Music; Nursing
Merced – English; Global Arts and Studies; Public Health; Spanish
Riverside – Art (studio)
Santa Barbara – all majors in College of Creative Studies and College of Engineering; plus Dance; Music; Theatre

(This list is subject to change to be sure to check the matrix, below.)

10. TAG unit limits

The total UC-transferable units from a CCC or any non-CCC (U.S.or international) cannot go over the ceiling limits set by each UC. If all your units by end of spring term are lower division, you will not hit the ceiling so don’t worry.  Upper division courses, however, can place you above the ceiling limits.  (See the Transfer Unit Maximums by UC..)  Keep in mind that Davis currently will consider more than 80 semester units for College of Engineering.

11. TAG pre-qualifications

In order to submit a TAG you must have completed 30 UC-transferable semester units (45 quarter) by end of summer before the TAG application. These courses can be entirely from a CCC or from any mix of colleges. AP credit also counts. Keep in mind, though, by end of spring term you need 30 UC-transferable semester units from a CCC.

Special Davis rule:  To TAG Davis you are required to be a full-time student (12 semester units) from the spring before the TAG through fall and final spring.  That’s three terms! They claim to allow exceptions at their discretion for working or similar situations.

I do not like this policy. TAG should not have vague loopholes. At their discretion is a loaded term. That’s not the purpose of TAG. All the other UCs have a crystal clear policy wth no gray areas. I have seen people get declined by Davis after being told on the phone by a Davis TAG rep that their part-time student status was fine. (Bring it on Davis – I have one set of records: 4.0 with all coursework and units completed, 30 hr work week, with the notice that rejection was due to part-time status.)  Rules should be clear, not arbitrary. My suggestion — if you are NOT a full-time student for three terms do not TAG Davis.

If you choose to TAG Davis and are a part-time student  be sure to note it clearly in the TAG application. TAGs, once declined, cannot be appealed.

12. Minimum UC-transferable units

By end of spring term after you TAG you must complete at least 60 semester/90 quarter UC-transferable units or your TAG (and regular UC application, for that matter) will be rejected. Summer courses after that final spring term do not count.

13.  Minimum GPA required to TAG

By the end of summer before you TAG in September you must meet the minimum cumulative GPA as established by each UC. Additionally, some selective majors have higher GPA minimums. These cumulative GPA’s must be held steady through the end of the final CCC term or you will lose the TAG. (See the rules by campus, below, to ascertain your minimums.)

14. The two English course requirement

Davis – Both English courses must be completed by the fall when you apply
Irvine –  End of summer prior to TAG application for the first; end of spring for the second
Merced – Fall for the first; end of spring for the second
Riverside – Fall for the first; end of spring for the second
Santa Barbara – Both English courses must be completed by the fall when you apply
Santa Cruz – Fall for the first; end of spring for the second

15. Math requirement

The required math course must be completed by fall for all six UCs.

16. Is IGETC required for TAG

No, it is not required, except for Riverside’s School of Business Administration, which requires IGETC as an admission requirement.

Stay alert:

Make sure the major you pick in your TAG application matches the major chosen for the same UC in the November application. If they don’t match, the TAG will be voided.

UC TAG Matrix

By campus:
Davis TAG
Irvine TAG
Merced TAG
Riverside TAG
Santa Barbara TAG
Santa Cruz TAG

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  1. Good afternoon Lindy,
    I am a student currently enrolled at mira costa college. I have a 3.1 GPA and I would like to TAG for UC Davis but the minimum requirement is 3.2. I believe at the end of the semester My gpa will be high enough. I know I can only tag at one school so I was wondering if you think that it is worth it to try to TAG for davis? Will the check my GPA at the end of this semester or will they check what GPA I have right now? And if I am one point below the TAG GPA requirement will they still consider me?
    Thank you

    1. The 3.2 minimum is needed by end of this summer, so unless there is a lower grade in a non-transferable course that you’re counting and can be removed — thus boosting you to 3.2– you are not eligible to TAG Davis.

  2. Hey Lindy, I just a question.
    I submitted the TAG application for UC irvine for Fall 2020 term.
    I already completed the 60 transfer units and the campus requirements, but I am a little confused about one of the eligibility requirements for TAG which is “I will attend a California community college during my last regular (not summer) term before I enroll at UC for fall 2020.” Does that mean that I will need to be enrolled in classes for fall 2019 and spring 2020 before transfer, even though I am done with all the requirements since summer 2019? Also I
    called the UCI admissions and they said that I don’t need to take classes if I am already done with all the requirements.

  3. If I already submitted my TAG application, but I couldn’t register for a future class listed on my TAG application, would I be able to change my TAG application to include the class I will take in the winter?

  4. Hey Lindy, I also had a question. So I tagged to UC Davis under the non-selective major of Global Disease Biology. I know that when tagging to selective majors like Engineering, Biology etc. at Davis, you are required to meet GPA requirements in the pre-req courses you take at CC in order to be accepted for tag. On the UC Davis website it says “Earn at least a 3.20 GPA for all majors in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and in the College of Biological Sciences” I have met this GPA requirement. The website also says “Meet any additional GPA requirements for selective major courses.” But since my major is non-selective, I am not required to meet additional GPA requirements for the pre-req courses for Global Disease Biology, correct? The problem is that I got a D in Calc 2 this past spring. Calc 2 is a pre-req course for my non-selective major. I am retaking Calc 2 right now and will seek academic renewal for my previous grade. I had to report this D on the tag application however since I am in the process of retaking this class. Will this affect whether my tag is accepted or not. Thanks for the help in advance.

    1. As you know the current assist is messed up, but looking at the 2016-17 assist layout there are no additional GPA requirements for the major. So retaking the course with the D should not be an impediment to the TAG. Based on an updated Davis web page, there is nothing new added to the Global Diseases major.

  5. Hi Lindy, I wanna start by saying thank you for the article, it’s really helped clear a lot of things up for me regarding the transfer process. However, I am still confused about one thing. I applied for TAG to transfer to Davis for chemistry, and it got accepted today. Unfortunately, I could not get into a physics 1 class for the winter quarter of the CC I am currently attending, the same class which I had listed on the coursework for my TAG agreement. The class is the first of a three class series which I stated in my coursework agreement that I would finish by Summer 2020. Given that I wasn’t able to get into physics 1 and most likely will not finish the entire series at my CC, will this affect my TAG in any way? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thx for the kind words! Re physics, it depends on the requirements for the major. If it says complete as many courses as possible or the physics is recommended you will be fine. I would add the second in summer and then if you go to Davis you can ask what they prefer. Since they often like a physics series completed at the same place they might say just hold off until Davis.

  6. Hey Lindy!
    I have already been approved for the UC Davis tag (school of choice is UCI) but when I tagged, two of the courses I had listed (currently enrolled/planned) were inaccurate given they either weren’t represented or given the wrong name but same department. If I link my tap in the uc application will it automatically take place over the manual classes I inputted on the
    UC application? If not, then how will my TAG acceptance be accessed if I don’t link my tap?

    1. I’m not sure what you’re saying exactly but TAG uses the November app to verify, so will go off of that. It sounds like whatever got entered in the TAG application got corrected in the November application, so you’re good.?

  7. Hi Lindy,
    Thanks for the informative article! My TAG was accepted for UC Davis but I’m a little confused as to which GPA they use to determine if you’re eligible or not and how many of my credits are taken into consideration for this calculation. On my TAG planner it says I have a 3.25 but my acceptance notice from Davis says they have me at a 3.20. I took Chem 101 and English 101 during this last fall semester and I received an A in english and a C in chemistry. Does this mean I dropped under the 3.20 requirement and I’m no longer eligible for TAG? Thank you for your help!


    1. It’s cumulative. So if you’re at 3.2 end of summer, they will factor in all the courses from fall. If it drops below, you will probably lose the TAG, but you will be filled into general admission.

  8. Hi Lindy, this is Andy.
    I have a several questions about TAG requirement. In the requirement, it said that you cannot get D or F a year before you apply for TAG, and I am trying to apply for the 2020-2021 TAG, but unfortunately, I got D in my Physics II in this Fall(2019). If I retake the class and get like B, does that still count as a getting D a year before I apply for TAG? or I can still satisfy the requirement because it’s more than a year before?

  9. Greetings Linda, I am glad for your website. Thank you. I have a bit of a complicated situation.
    Right now my GPA is an atrocious 2.1 and I have about 120 credits from international university and out-of-state community college. All of these accept 3 or 4 units are actually UC-transferable. To be specific, I want to go into a Biology major but all my units are political science. i am a senior for political science degree but a freshman for biology (I want to change life course and now do Biology as a major and not political science).

    Several questions here :
    I am currently enrolled at a CCC and taking UC transferrable science classes (bio, math, chemistry). I’m I considered a senior student or freshman/junior for the Major(biology) I want to hopefully transfer to even though I don’t have many units that are relevant to Biology??

    When would I need to approach a TAG application considering everything i need to do , like do a super transformation of GPA, complete all prerequisites etc. What is the timeline if I am even eligible?

    thank you kindly, Linda.

    1. To be honest I didn’t read the entire thing because you may run into issues with that many OOS/country units. And now you want a very high requirement major. You need to specifically talk with a UC rep. The units plus your low GPA (and I’m assuming most won’t be repeated as you are changing majors) may put you at a severe disadvantage.

  10. Hi Lindy,
    Great post and thank you for all the replies. I am eligible to tag Man Econ at Davis however my goal was to TAG Econ. When I met with a rep at my CC she said Econ will be adding calc 3 to the requirements to tag Econ by the time I apply. I was wondering would I be able to TAG Man Econ and then as a UC Davis student be able to transfer to an Econ major? Or even double major? Also if I tagged Man Econ would I be able to submit a regular application to UC Davis for Econ?

    1. Econ is a selective major so I’m not sure you can transfer into it. Having said that being in Man Econ may make it doable. At the end of the day it’s up to L&S or the dept.

      Once in at Davis you can double major but double majoring in Econ and Man Econ seems like an odd choice, and they might even prevent that combo, especially since so many req likely overlap.

      What I might suggest is taking calc 3 in summer after you’re admitted to Man Econ. It will put you in a better position if you want to attempt a switcheroo later.

  11. Hello Lindy,
    Thank you for writing this article. I am a sociology major who applied for TAG @ UCSB. For a sociology major at UCSB, they recommend you complete a cultural anthropology course & an American history course (alongside other socio prerecs). However, cultural anthropology and American history aren’t listed to be mandatory/required prerequisites on the UCSB Transfer website. I haven’t taken either of those courses, yet my TAG app was still approved and I’m now anxiously waiting for my acceptance/rejection. In your professional opinion, do you think not taking those 2 course will result in my TAG application being rejected?
    Thank you!

  12. Hello Lindy, I am very concerned on applying to Uc Davis. My community college gpa is 3.6 but my sat score is low. Would those scores negatively affect my chances? Also is Political science an accepted TAG major?

  13. Hi Lindy,
    I have applied to UC Irvine with TAG, meeting all the requirements. They put me on the waiting list for admissions, and I don’t understand why? As TAG is a guaranteed admission, why would I face this situation?
    Thank you in advance!

      1. Lindy ,
        Thank you for the prompt reply. How can I verify if I didnt meet the TAG requirement? I went over my application, and it seems that I should have met all the requirements.
        Thank you!

      2. Call the tag office or email them. If you have any AP that could be an issue as it might not have fulfilled a major requirement that you thought it would fulfill (although you probably would not have gotten on a waitlist). I don’t know. You need to ask because being on a waitlist implies you fulfilled the requirements for the major. So maybe minimum GPA, units by end of summer, or math/English deadlines.

        UPDATE: TAG excluded majors: Business Administration, Cognitive Sciences, Dance, Language Science, Music, Nursing Science, Psychology B.S., and ALL majors in the Donald Bren School of Information and CS

        First English and math must be completed by end of summer

  14. Hi Lindy, I was wondering if you had to be a full time student in the fall, winter, and spring quarter to tag to UC Irvine.

  15. Hi Lindy! Thank you for this post, it was very helpful. I am currently in my second semester at a CCC and planning to transfer using TAG. However, I’m having trouble deciding what school to TAG. I’m a biology major, and I hope to get into med school to study pediatrics! I was hoping you’d have a good recommendation on which school fits best for Biology?

    1. Well, ultimately, you need to go to the campus where you feel the best connection. Among Davis, Santa Barbara and Irvine, I’d probably go with Irvine or Davis as there are a lot of hospitals (more opportunities to shadow, etc). Breaking it down further, if pressed, I would probably choose Davis, but you can’t go wrong with either. Good luck!

  16. Hi Lindy,
    I was just wondering, if I end up declining my acceptance to UCR because I would not be able to get the 60 credits by the end of this semester, would I be able to reapply? If so, would I be able to reapply with TAG for winter session at UC Riverside and will they look upon my application less favorably because I declined their acceptance the first time? I know UCR accepts TAG for the winter session I just do not know if they would accept me because I had already applied once this year to tag.

    1. Why would you decline it? Call them and see what they say first. They might let you in with less than 60. Also ask them about winter admission.

      1. Hi Lindy,
        Thank you for the quick response. I went ahead and called them but they are only doing correspondence through email right now. I went ahead and asked whether I would still be able to have my summer classes counted due to the fact that my school cancelled two of my spring classes because of the virus. Again, thank you for the help!

      2. I don’t want to throw this out and have others get hopes up but admissions is sometimes lenient re the 60 minimum depending on the existing unit count. And now with coronavirus they are likely to be more lenient. Do NOT decline until you get feedback. Good luck!

  17. Hey Lindi,
    Thank you for this article and for all the helpful replies. I am planning to apply for TAG in this coming September for 2021 transfer. I will TAG UC Irvine. My question is, will Irvine let me know of my TAG approval? How will they let me know and when? I see in the article you have written Irvine does not send out notices, that is why I was confused. Thanks again for being so helpful and informative.

  18. Hi Lindy, thanks so much for this article.

    I recently returned to community college after quite a long layoff, needing only to fulfill my math requirement to reach 60 transferable units. ( IGETC). Thus, my last three semesters have only been one math course each: Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and finally, Stats. Does this eliminate me from the guarantee to UC Davis? I remember reading that for Davis, one must have been a full-time student in preceding semesters. I meet the GPA requirement, but have not taken a full load of classes in some years. Does this seem unlikely for me, putting me either at their discretion, or back into the general admission pool?

    Thank you again.

    1. Davis has a TAG rep for each CCC. You need to reach out to that person and ask. I would be inclined not to TAG Davis unless you get assurances first.

  19. My son is a current high school student and also has 41 college credits completed. I think he can finish the full 60 units within the next year to meet that TAG requirement. I saw that if he is concurrently enrolled in HS he cannot apply for TAG, is this correct? Should he apply as a regular freshman, as a regular transfer student or TAG? I know typically freshmen requirements are stricter and more difficult to get in. His college GPA is 3.29 (without a couple of electives which would bring it up a little). His high school grades are around a 3.3 (with a couple of AP classes). Also, is UCSD still accepting TAG?

  20. He also has not been able to take the SAT/ ACT due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Community Service- for him is limited. He was elected to ASB Senior Treasurer for this coming school year, but who knows what will happen with school at this point.

  21. Hi Lindy, thank you so much for your website, this is super helpful! My question was in regards to retaking a required class for my major. I took community college Calculus I course in the Fall of 2017 as a dual enrollment high school student. I received a letter grade C for that class. Although a C or better is required for credit for your major, (I am applying as a Biology/Public Health, for pre med pretty much) for most of the UCs. Should I retake the class? I am applying for transfer this fall 2020 for the 2021 fall school year. I am not sure whether it is worth taking the class again, this would be the only C I have, besides an academic renewal grade repeat for a different class. I know I would do better if I took the class again this fall, (I signed up for the calc class for fall just in case), but I do not want to take it if it would not matter as much towards the application process.

    1. They will not accept a repeat of a C grade course. Now if you want to retake it to show you can get an A, you can. But the grade will not be factored in (the C will remain as the grade) and you will not receive units for the course.

      1. Hi Angie,
        The Calculus class that I am retaking would be for academic renewal. My form for academic grade renewal for that class got approved, and I am enrolled in the class for fall as of right now (one of the reasons stating that if it has been more than 3 years since you have taken the class you can enroll and get graded for it).Will this possibly change it?

      2. Thanks,
        The Calculus class that I am retaking would be for academic renewal. My form for academic grade renewal for that class got approved, and I am enrolled in the class for fall as of right now (one of the reasons stating that if it has been more than 3 years since you have taken the class you can enroll and get graded for it).Will this possibly change it? Will that only be cleared for my community college, and not through the UC system? I spoke to a representative at Berkeley for Public Health major and they said that they take the highest grade from the two.

  22. Hi Lindy,
    Hope you are well.
    I just had a question regarding the TAG program.
    Can I apply under health professions and major in nursing sciences for UCLA or UCI?
    I know nursing is an excluded major for the TAG program but is applying under health professions in nursing an exception?
    thank you

  23. Thanks,
    The Calculus class that I am retaking would be for academic renewal. My form for academic grade renewal for that class got approved, and I am enrolled in the class for fall as of right now (one of the reasons stating that if it has been more than 3 years since you have taken the class you can enroll and get graded for it).Will this possibly change it?

  24. Thanks for the reply Lindy,

    The Calculus I class that I signed up for in the fall would be under academic renewal through my community college that was approved by the dean. One of the options for academic renewal that waived it was due to the class being taken again 3 years later. Would this change that since it will be under academic renewal?

  25. Hi, Lindy-
    I love your website and blog! I have two dumb questions, so please be patient with me…

    I am a fulltime West LA College student trying to apply for TAG at UC Davis in Psychology this September. I took three classes at Cal State Long Beach in Fall 2019, and the UC Davis TAG Advisor assigned to WLAC has not answered my email asking whether the units for all three of those classes are transferable to UC Davis. I am worried that one of them may not be transferable, because it is only an Algebra class. That would mean that I need to hurry up and find one more CCC class to enroll in so that I have 30 units by the end of the Summer. Here are my questions:

    1) is there any downside to taking a course from a different CCC that I find through I’m just worried that it might look to admissions officers that I don’t know what I’m doing if I had to take classes at three different schools in one year.

    2) I’m a bit confused about the TAG program generally. If I meet the 3.2 GPA, all the prerequisite classes (including the selective major requirements), and all of the other eligibility requirements, am I definitely going to get a TAG agreement? It sounds a bit too good to be true.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Int. Algebra will not transfer.

      You can take a course at without jeopardy.

      It is indeed a guarantee but be sure to follow the rules laid at in the Davis TAG.

  26. For the previous question that i posted about retaking the Calc class, it has been counted as an academic renewal by my school district and I am signed up for the class this fall. Does that change anything since it got approved for academic renewal (after 3 year span).

    In addition, I have 89 semester units will that eliminate me from the transfer application process since in some cases that is too many units?

  27. Hi there! Love the article! One question I have is the English requirements, especially for Davis. I got college credit for both AP Lang and AP Lit in high school. I was told by my CC counselor that I didn’t need to take intro English so I jumped to Critical Thinking. Is this going to be an issue when trying to TAG at Davis? Will they accept my AP credit? Thank you!

  28. Hi Lindy, this is Andy.

    I have a question about one of the TAG requirements for my major which is Math. In one of the Math major TAG requirements, I have to get overall GPA of 3.00 for calculus 1, 2, 3. I took AP exam in my high school which was calculus AB test, equivalent to calculus 1 in the community college. I got a 4 for the AP exam, so I did not take calculus 1 in the community college. I was wondering what the score of 4 would be converted to GPA. Thank you so much for your time.

    1. They woN’t convert the AP to GPA. They will just calculate the actual courses taken. Also make sure to verify your major/department accepts AP for the calc 1 course.

  29. Thank you for your reply Lindy. So does that mean if I got 4.00 for calc 2 and 3.00 for calc 3, they would ignore counting the GPA for calc 1 since I did not take it in the community college, in this case, my overall GPA would be 3.50??? Once again, thank you for your time.

  30. Hi Lindy,
    I hope you are well,
    I had a question regarding TAG/TAP with my major which is nursing. I know that nursing is excluded from TAG but I am in an honors program and it said that if I take 5 honors classes that I could have a really good chance in transferring but does that opportunity still exclude nursing as a whole?
    Thank you for your time

  31. Hi Lindy, it is my 3rd time asking questions because you’re being super helpful.
    When we turn our TAG application, do we have to finish the essays by the time we turn our TAG application or later when we turn our normal application?

  32. Hi Lindy, thank you for answering my questions every time. There is one thing that I want to make sure. In one of the UC Davis TAG requirements, it says that I have to be full time student(12 semester units) for spring 2020, fall 2021, and spring 2021. However, in UC Santa Barbara TAG requirement, there is no statement about being full time student for spring 2020, fall 2021, and spring 2021. Is it only for UC Davis TAG requirement? Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

  33. Hello Lindy. I just submitted my tag application and at the end of it, it asks for other schools you may have interests in. I put down UCSB and now have considered applying to UCSD. If I apply to UCSD for regular decision, would that make my tag for Irvine invalid?

  34. Hi Lindy, I want to TAG Davis but this semester I am not a full time student, I’m only taking 10 units. Due to COVID one class I wanted to take didn’t fit into my schedule. Since this is the only semester where I’ve taken less than 12 units, could I still be rejected due to their rule? Is it possible that they could take my situation into account?

  35. Hi Lindy!
    I recently applied for TAG to UCI and realized that we need a cumulative GPA of 3.4 at the end of the summer for 2020. My GPA was 3.37 by that time. Should I revoke my TAG application and apply it elsewhere or does my GPA round to 3.4 and will be accepted by UCI?

  36. Hi, Lindy
    I have a question about the uc tag application. when I fill the coursework grades. If I failed one of my course, but I successfully retake it and earned an A. should I put my F grade on the coursework place? or I just put the A on the coursework part.

    1. Put both in. The system will calculate the retake if it’s the same course number. If it isn’t simply mention in additional comments that it’s a retake of the previous one. Don’t worry if the online application shows a faulty GPA or unit count. If the course is deemed a repeat they will later adjust it.

  37. Hi Lindy,
    I hope you’re well,
    I’m currently majoring in Human development and on assist it says that one of the classes to take for my major are either HIST 483 OR 484 which is Honors Recent U.S history but I am currently taking HIST 485 Honors Recent U.S history. They both have the same course name, will my course count?

      1. The ones you listed are not the two mentioned on assist. So you must mean another CCC. Regardless, there can be any number of “recent” history topics. All the UCs are sticklers in terms of taking the courses that match theirs and I find Davis to be particularly stringent. Your course needs to match the ones that are listed.

  38. Hello Lindy!
    I am kind of in a situation right now.
    I applied to UC TAG last year with the intention of transferring to UC Irvine for Fall 2020 and my TAG application got approved, however, circumstances led to me not being able to apply to the university for Fall 2020.
    Now I am in a much better place and would like to apply to transfer using UC Tag again however when I go to apply it does not show an option to apply and simply mentions my Fall 2020 attempt. My question is since I did not use the TAG application and did not fulfill my transfer, am I able to reapply using TAG once again?
    Thank you so much for your swift responses to students! It’s very helpful!

  39. Hi Lindy, thanks for the info

    Does the full-time vs part-time rule apply only for UC Davis? I’m only taking 10 units this fall quarter because of personal things I also need to focus on; can I still apply to TAG for UCSC/UCSB?

    1. Yes it only applies to Davis. But you can still apply to Davis TAG as a part-time student if you’re working but get it approved first before you waste a TAG. I don’t like that Davis loophole.

  40. Hello, I had a question regarding coursework for the TAG agreement. I am still in Fall semester and I will soon be applying for my spring classes but I am not 100% sure of what 4 classes I will be taking. Would it be okay to leave the Spring 2021 term blank and, in the box where we have to explain why there would be a gap between Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, explain that I only have two classes for sure planned but am still choosing the other two but that I am planning on doing the spring 2021 semester? As well as say that I am planning on taking 12 credits, or is it better to put the four classes I might be taking even if there is a possibility that I might change my mind? I am not sure what to do.

    1. Do not leave blank or you will likely lose the TAG. Put down the classes you think you will be taking. You can update the course list in the November application because the TAG office will refer to that. You then will have yet another opportunity to list a change of planned courses in January with the Transfer Academic Update (TAU).

  41. Hi Lindy, just another quick question

    Can we withdraw and resubmit our TAG’s as much as we want before the end of September deadline? I had originally sent my TAG for one UC but am strongly considering changing it, and I’ve also had to withdraw and edit some coursework things; do colleges see that and would it hurt me?

  42. H Lindy, another quick question,

    I was originally planning to TAG to UC Santa Cruz and sent that TAG in but I’ve changed my mind and would rather TAG to Davis. I know it allows you to withdraw and resubmit your application anytime before the Sept. 30 deadline but if I do switch my school will Davis see it/will it negatively affect my chances of getting in? I’ve also had to withdraw and resubmit once or twice already because I got waitlisted for some courses at my CC this quarter and had to fix the planned courses section; would that pose an issue as well?

  43. Hi Lindy,
    Im tagging to Irvine with a Gpa of 3.6 and I also really want to tag To Santa Cruz and I can’t decide which one I should tag to. Im Majoring in Electrical Engineering and will finish all the Lower devisions by spring. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on these two UCs. I really want to get in both Universities but I don’t know tagging to Irvine is the best decision or Santa Cruz.

  44. Hello Lindy, if on the TAP account it says I have a 2.6 gpa and for UCR as a psych major I need a 2.8 gpa should I still apply?

    1. The online GPA calculations in the applications are not always accurate. However you might be calculating something wrong. You should ask someone to go over the GPA count. If you are indeed under, TAG somewhere else.

      1. Thanks. Oh and where can I look up someone. My counselors don’t have any appointments. So if I were to apply not knowing if the gpa is accurate will I risk acceptance either with TAG or general application?

  45. Hi Lindy,

    I already submitted a form for UC TAG last week, but I am currently not happy with one of my classes and might consider dropping. Would dropping a class affect my TAG in any way?

  46. Hi Lindsy!
    My name is Caitlin and I am a graduate of Associate’s degree for transfer in Communication last May 2020 in DVC. Upon finishing my associate’s degree, I planned on transferring to UC Davis for Fall 2022 using TAG. I did not apply last year due to financial reasons and most recently, because of COVID. Upon finishing my TAG coursework I noticed in that they added PSYCH 214 – Introduction to Statistics for Psychology (4.00) as part of their articulation agreement for SY 2020-2021 in Communications. I did not take this subject because when I was finishing my associates, it wasn’t there yet and it looks like this has been just recently added.

    Will this affect my TAG application? What are my options here? Am I required to take this subject?

    Also, i was not enrolled part time during my last 3 semesters cause i was working full time and I plan on Tagging Davis. How am I gonna get this approved on my TAP?

    1. This is a confusing message because I can’t tell if you’re applying for fall 2021 or fall 2022. You say 2022 but I assume you mean 2021. Plus I don’t know what SY means. However, I do not see a stats course listed on assist.

      You can be part-time if you work. You need to reach out to the Davis rep at your CCC so they know. Contact the rep on this list. You may need to provide work stubs.

  47. Sorry. I meant I was applying for Fall 2021 SY means “school year”. Anyway, they recently added the Psychology statistics in the articulation agreement between DVC and UC Davis in communications effective 2020-2021. I did not take this subject because it has just been recently added over the summer. Im confused if this is a major requirement or not? Will this affect my chances for UC DAVIS TAG?

    1. I see. So it’s the data visualization course that did not have a matching DVC course until now. Well, the new assist is very limited but I see in 2016-2017, it says complete as many as possible. That statement, if it still applies, will keep the TAG intact. It’s too late to change, anyway. Your best bet is ask the Davis TAG rep directly. I sent you the contact list.

  48. Good afternoon.

    When applying to tag (UCI FL21, mechanical engineering), do I include every class I’ve ever taken, or just the required transfer for my major? (I’m a returning student that took classes in Texas and California)

    Thank you,


  49. Hello! Thank you for this article. This was really helpful. I have submitted my TAG application for UCI but now I just added one late start class in this Fall semester which I had in planned courses for Spring 2021 in my TAG coursework. I was thinking of taking that class in Spring 2021 but since the class was offered as a late start Fall class, I wanted to be done with it. I cannot change my planned courses now since the deadline for TAG is over. Will this effect my TAG eligibility? Is there a way I can update my planned courses so that my TAG eligibility is not affected? I will put my updated courses in the UC application. I know I can update my courses in January but I am worried if my TAG will be affected in any way? Thank you!

  50. Hello! I had a question regarding TAG coursework. I have submitted my TAG for UCI but now I added a late start class in this Fall semester which I had in planned courses for Spring 2021 in my TAG coursework. I planned that class for Spring 2021 but since my college recently offered that class as a late start class for this Fall, I wanted to be done with it. Now I cannot change the coursework since the TAG deadline is over. Does this change in my planned course effect my TAG? I will put the updated coursework in my UC application but I am worried if this change in my planned course will have any effect in my TAG eligibility? Thank you!

  51. Hello Lindy,
    Thank you for this article and all it’s information, super helpful! I applied to UCSB TAG back in September and have been wondering when I will hear back. In your article you mention that most of the UCs notify you by mid November, excluded UCI, but when I look at UCSBs website they say we will hear back when the general admissions decisions come out in March/April. Do you have info on this?

  52. Hello! I had a question regarding TAG coursework. I have submitted my TAG for UCI but
    now I added one late start class in this Fall semester which I had in planned courses
    for Spring 2021 in my TAG coursework. I planned that class for Spring 2021 but since my
    college offered that class this Fall as a late start, I wanted to be done with it. Now I
    cannot change the coursework since the TAG deadline is over. Does this change in my planned
    course effect my TAG? I will put the updated coursework in my UC application but I am worried
    if this change in my planned course will have any effect in my TAG eligibility? Thank you!

  53. If I get an F or D in a certain subject before applying for UC DAVIS TAG, will that be the reason for rejection of the transfer?

    1. As long as it’s not required to have a higher grade (such as a major course requirement) and as long as factoring that grade in, you still meet the minimum TAG GPA, your TAG will remain in force.

  54. Hello Lindy,

    I tagged UCI but I have a quick question about the requirement. On the UCI TAG requirement, it saids that you need to be in good standing for ALL colleges attended but I had acadmic probation and dismissal from CSU before. Although, I made up all my classes, rasied my GPA and fulfilled all other requirements for TAG when i came back to CC. Does it mean i am not qualified?

  55. It never occurred to me that I had too many units. By the time I am done at my community college I will have earned my IGETC certification and my Associates for transfer to get into CSU’s. I would have completed in total 99 semester units all lower division and required course materials. Does this affect my chances to get tagged to a UC?

  56. Hi Lindy,
    I am tagging to UC Irvine this year, and on my TAG I previously stated that I will be taking Organic Chemistry in the spring, which is a “additional approved course for the major,” but is not a required course for my major. However, I recently found out that my community college doesn’t offer that class this semester, so I won’t be able to take it. Can I change it in my November application, without jeopardizing my spot? I got scared because UC Davis’ website states that the TAG is a contractual agreement that should not be broken and may risk having the TAG voided. I’m not sure if it’s the same way with UCI; I couldn’t find anything. Thank you so much!

  57. Hello Lindy,
    I failed English twice before in CSU but when I came back to CC, I made it up with an A. Will UC only look at the last grade i received or will they only make up one of my F.
    Thank you!

    1. Congrats on the A. Perseverance wins out.

      I can’t tell you the answer. It will depend upon whether the UC sees that CSU course as matching the CCC course. If it’s basic reading and comp, there’s a good chance they will see them as matching, but I can’t say for sure.

      Also, they will only count one F if the second F was the same course, so worse case scenario and they don’t match the CCC course, it will just be one F, not two. ?

      1. Thank you for your response!
        So if the CSU course matches the CCC course then the both F will disregarded and only the A will count?
        The English course is basic reading and comp. It was also evaluated by the CC and matched with CSU course.

  58. Hi Lindy,
    My UC Davis tag was approved and I am now doing the November app. I was wondering, how good do the personal insight questions have to be? If my tag was already accepted, does my November app matter that much?

  59. Hi. I applied for TAG at UCI and in my TAG application stated that I was going to take Calc 2 (one of the requirements for my major) during Fall 2020. My grade in the class is not looking promising and I was wondering if I would be able to drop it, get a W for this semester and retake it during Spring 2021 and still be qualified for TAG. Thank you.

  60. Hi Lindy,
    I decided to apply to UC San Diego after submitting my TAG application and it is stated in my regular application. Will my TAG be voided because that certain part of the information does not match?

  61. Hi Lindy,

    I ‘m a high school senior planning on majoring in either Business Administration or Economics at UC Irvine. My first choice is Business Admin, and if I don’t get in to that, I’d like to major in Economics.

    If I don’t get into UCI as a freshman, and decide to attend a community college, can I TAG the Economics major at UCI and ALSO apply as as a regular transfer student to UCI as a Business Admin major? If I apply as a Business Major, will that invalidate my TAG to UCI as an Economics major?

    If my TAG GPA falls below a 3.4 in community college, can I cancel the TAG and apply as a regular transfer student for both Economics and Business Admin, and see which one I am accepted into?

    Also, as a Business or Econ major at UCI, transfer students need to take Econ 20A and 20B before transferring. Does UCI look specifically at the GPA of prerequisite courses? What if I get a 4 on the AP tests for both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in high school, which give credit for both Econ 20A and 20B? Does that mean I fulfilled the Econ 20A and 20B requirements, and if so, how will UCI calculate the GPA for those two courses?

    Thank you

  62. Hi Lindy,
    I am currently in high school and I’m taking some advanced classes (more specifically, IB) but I’m an international student. I have two two issues that bother me:
    1. Am I eligible to TAG (as a international student) if I decide to go to community college in California and transfer to the UCs ? Will my IB credits count towards the required transfer credits?
    2. I really want to do bs in biochemistry or something medicine- related and later go to med school. Does attending cc influence negatively my chances of getting into med school?
    Thank you in advance and have a happy new tear:)

  63. Is there a certain limit of TAG applicants that get accepted? Or are all California community college students that apply and follow the curriculum accepted into a UC ?

  64. Hi Lindsey, I am looking to transfer to UC Davis as a Genetics major. My TAG was approved last semester. I was taking 10 units but due to COVID I had to drop a class, which then made me a part time student. I talked to a representative at the time and they said it was okay to drop the class. I’m not sure if they took into consideration that I would be considered at part time student. Will this affect my TAG? Should I contact anyone?

    1. Well Davis is picky about that part-time status. I would definitely send them a message stating the UC Davis TAG rep said it was okay and you want to verify. If you are working (ideally) be sure to let them know. You want them to have all the info because you don’t want to wait until you’re possibly rejected from TAG because there are no TAG appeals. By the way, if denied from TAG, you are rolled over to the regular admission group.

  65. hello,
    I’m currently a biological science major in a community college. I have a 3.8 GPA and have 70 unites transferable courses. I applied to TAG for UCR and they approved it and then I submitted my UC application. I’m still waiting for admissions decisions. Unfortunately due to covid, they canceled all biology classes in my college and I couldn’t take it anywhere else because they told us late. I finished all my classes and I’m only left of with this biology class which is one of the requirements for my major. will they consider my GPA and my personal insight essay more or they going to reject me just for not taking one class. Also, I did TAG for UCR and I really want to go to UCR.

    1. It’s too bad that happened. Email [email protected] right away and explain the situation and tell them you will take the course in summer. Then contact UCR TAG office with same info. That docs email will update the application across all campuses so each UC will see the situation and that you plan to take in summer. Good luck! ?

  66. Hi Lindy,
    I am currently a high school senior and I have been a part of a dual enrollment program with a CCC since my junior year. I will have completed 30 credits by my graduation (the end of this spring 2021). I have not completed any English courses however (the program chooses what UC transferable courses we take) and was planning on doing TAG to Davis this coming September. I don’t know if I will be able to take both English courses at the same time this summer, do you think they would be lenient about allowing me to take one during fall 2021 when I would be applying?

  67. Hi Lindy,

    I got approved for tag by UC Davis, and I had a tough fall semester where I earned a B for a 5 unit Physics Class and a C for a 5 unit Organic Chemistry Clas. At the time my tag was approved I had a 3.28 inNovember, but then these 2 classes may have lowered my gpa. I am currently finishing up my spring semester. and I am pretty sure I will recieve an A in my 2nd part Physics class which is 5 units and the 2nd part of O chem I think I may get a B or a C, but I also have a Spanish 1 class that is 5 units, that I will def get an A in. Will this allow for my gpa to still qualify with the Tag guidelines set forth by Davis to be at a 3.20 by the end of spring 2021? Does spanish 1 transfer to UC?

    1. You need a 3.2 cumulative. If it’s under it’s at their discretion. Also if you do get denied from TAG you are rolled over to regular admission where they will decide. Sorry I can’t be if more help.

  68. IF I get rejected for Tag am I allowed to reaaply again for Tag in the same year ? IF I have a class that will raise my GPA?

  69. Hi I Did my TAG application and missed my GPA for UCSB. I want to know if I can apply next year stay at my CCC. How many classes do I have to taking at the CCC to reapply for TAG the next year?

    1. Yes you can stay. You should be able to TAG UCSB as long as you don’t go to a school
      other than a CCC. You can probably just take 1-2 classes a term but I strongly suggest you verify this with UCSB. This will likely not work at Davis, however, should you decide to TAG there.

  70. Hi Lindy!
    I got accepted to UCI through tag and I met all the requirements however, I received a D in Calculus this semester. My cumulative so far is a 3.77 and with the grades, this semester will drop to a 3.59. I have never received anything below a B before in college and I am freaking out. It says to report anything below a C and remain at a 3.0 or above cumulative gpa for spring on my UCI applicant portal and there’s nothing under in progress courses conditioned for admission. I’m majoring in Psychology and I have already completed one math course with an A. I just wanted to know your input on this situation.

  71. Hi, I am currently going into my sophomore year of college at SJDC in Stockton and am planning to apply for a TAG at UC Davis. The problem is that I do in fact have 30 units, but I only have 22 UC transfer units. The application is in September and I know that I will in fact have at least 30, by the end of my fall semester. Do you think that I could still apply? I’m talking to my counselor on August 3, but I am so close to having the 30 and I sure don’t want to wait a whole year to apply for the TAG. If you could give me some insight, that’d be great.

  72. Hi, I am currently going into my sophomore year of college at SJDC in Stockton and am planning to apply for a TAG at UC Davis. The problem is that I do in fact have 30 units, but I only have 22 UC transfer units. The application is in September and I know that I will in fact have at least 30, by the end of this fall semester. Do you think that I could still apply? I’m talking to my counselor on August 3, but I am so close to having the 30 and I sure don’t want to wait a whole year to apply for the TAG. If you could give me some insight, that’d be great.

  73. Hi Lindy,
    Can international students be accepted to TAG and TAP programs? If yes, is the acceptance rate lower?
    Thank you..

    1. Yes, as long as you’re at a CCC. Re TAG there would no difference. Re UCLA TAP, I’m not sure, but I would think the defining criteria is the CCC-connection.

  74. Hey Lindy!
    I am a current CCC student and I have a overall gpa of 3.41 currently. I have a C grade in a chemistry class. I want to apply for Tag program for UC davis. I don’t think I am eligible due to the C grade. Do you think I should still apply for Tag next week?

    1. In theory a C grade is fine. The only issue might be if it’s a STEM major and that major has a requirement that certain key courses have a minimum grade, such as B+, etc. You can find this information at the top of the assist page for the UC and major.

  75. Hi Lindy,
    I have a question about TAG to UC Davis. The TAG requires enrollment at CCC as full time student during Spring term 2021. This requirement also applies to students who were in high school during Spring 2021.

    How can a HS student be considered as a full time student at CCC during the same term?

    I graduated from HS in June 2021 and took many classes at several CCC as a dual enrollment student. I completed 65 quarter and 10 semester units at different CCC by the end of the Spring 2021. During Spring 2021 (while a HS student) I completed 11 quarter and 5 semester units at two different CCC. Finally, in Summer 2021, I enrolled as full time student in a CCC and completed another 10 quarter units.

    Do I satisfy the UC Davis based on the number of units I completed during Spring 2021 (even though I was still in HS)?

    Thank You!

    1. You need to contact the TAG admission office and get it verified that it is okay. Make sure someone responds in writing so you have verification. Actually, Davis has a TAG rep for each CCC. Get it verified through that person — via an email. Davis is tricky — I don’t want to say I don’t always trust them regarding the TAG rules — oops, I said it! ?

  76. Hi Lindy! Thanks for the guide! Question: I am a student at Sacramento City College and just realized I can probably make the TAG requirements to do Engineering at UCSC next Fall (Fall 2022). (The requirements are surprisingly lax.) My question is, if I submit the TAG and DON’T get in, can I continue studying at my community college and then TAG another (different) school next year? Or will I NEVER be able to TAG anywhere again?
    I want to tag UCSC now because if I get in it would put me a year ahead. If I don’t get in though, my plan is to go to UCSB or UCD for Engineering in Fall of 2023 (those schools require more undergrad classes). Just wondering if I would be able to TAG those schools next year if my TAG fails this year at UCSC.

    1. You can apply every year to any TAG program you want, even if you were previously accepted to or rejected from another TAG. You may also apply again to one that might have rejected or accepted you.

  77. Hi Lindy,

    Thank you for all the information! I have a quick question: I am currently a community college student, and I would like to TAG to UCD for their ecology major. But according to my current schedule and the major agreement on the assist website, I wouldn’t be able to finish their Organic chemistry and Physics sequences, which says on the assist that, “Highly recommended to complete the entire series
    If the entire sequence is not completed prior to transfer, students must consult the department advisor prior to enrollment.” Both the organic chem and physics series are not articulated at my school, and I wouldn’t have any extra time to take it at another community college. Do you think I should still apply TAG to UCD? Or do you think is this going to affect me by any chance?

    Thank you so much!

  78. Hi Lindy,

    I just submitted my UCSB tag for enrollment of the Fall of 2022. I just wanted to know if they send out notifications and updates because it looks like you have to wait till April. I’m just a little confused

  79. I just applied for TAG to UC Davis for Managerial Economics and got a message that I need to change the 2021 Fall courses “five courses” which I put as PL (Planned) earlier and forgot to change them to IP (in Progress). does this effect my TAG application to get a rejection?. thank you in advance

  80. Hi Lindsay hope you are well. I just tagged UCDavis for Bio major, however I am dropping physics because I have a D currently. Will this decline my tag process for ucdavis? I go to a CCC and i went on assist and it says it’s highly recommended to take physics, but I don’t wanna have a D on my transcript. Do i email admissions and let them know ? Or should I email them after i know I got tag approval? Thank you !

    1. A D will disqualify you from TAG. Withdraw from it but make sure you get units and major requirements completed as required. You do not have to contact them. Simply update the new course plan in the November application. They will go by that.

  81. Hi Lindy!
    I am tagging UCI this fall. However, I was on academic probation in my first semester at my current CCC. I retook all the failed classes already and my gpa now is above 3.4. Will I be disqualified for tag because of my academic probation history? Thanks so much!

  82. Hi Lindy, I recently found out that I had mistaken a course on my TAG. I was supposed to put down that I took a STAT 50 course but I accidentally put down a STAT 15 course. I was able to catch the mistake and fix it for my normal UC application but will that affect my TAG decision ?

  83. Hi,
    So my tag got accepted for UC Davis in fall 2021 and my gpa was 3.26 for assist certified course. However I had a bad semester for fall 2021 and my gpa dropped to 3.17. My questions is that does UC Davis look at Fall 2021 gpa or do I have time to bring it back up in Spring 2022 to 3.20. I know I can bring it back up however I’m terrified if they do consider fall gpa.

    The contract states:


    You had a UC-transferable GPA of 3.26 when your UC Davis TAG was signed. You must maintain a GPA of 3.20 or higher for all UC-transferable units taken prior to transfer enrollment.

    All courses in progress/planned, in addition to the required courses noted below, must be completed with grades of “C” or higher, unless otherwise specified, by the end of your spring 2022 term. To achieve the minimum overall UC-transferable grade point average required, you may need to achieve higher than “C” grades.”

    “Major Course(s) Required:

    You must complete the following required course(s) to achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.50 for each of three selective major course group series. Courses must be taken for a letter grade with no grade less than “C” (unless otherwise specified) by the end of the spring 2022 term.

    BIOL 210B with a grade of “C” or better”

  84. Hi Lindy,

    Thank you for sharing valuable information about the UC TAG. I’m going to apply for TAG this Fall, but I’m concerned about the limitation of credits. That is because I attended a university in Vietnam and had about 100 credits before moving to the US. All the credits I’ve got in the US were from CA community colleges but I’m worried if by any chance, the UCs will consider my coursework in Vietnam for the limitation and put my application at risk. It would be bad for me if they will because many of my credits are upper-division. Also, will they include non-CCC coursework in my GPA?

    Your response would help me a lot. Thank you!

  85. Hi,
    I have a question, so I am a biology major and I did TAG UCI and I just realized how I need two semesters of organic chemistry before spring 2023. I will be taking one semester by spring but I would have to take the second semester during summer so I was wondering if uci would accept my TAG?

  86. My son’s TAG to UC Davis was rejected, saying he did not have 30 credits at the time of the app. He had 26 credits plus 8 credits for AP classes, so we don’t understand what the issue is. He did enter his AP exams and scores on the app, and the scores were high enough to meet UC Davis requirements. Any ideas?

    1. You need to ask them but it may be a situation where: (1) the AP duplicated a course, in which case you get credit for just one; or (2) a course you thought transferred did not. Whatever it is, I can pretty much guarantee they are correct.

  87. Hi Lindy,

    I want to ask if there is a limit for TAG, lets say I TAG for spring, but decide not to go and then reapply for Fall, can I TAG again?

  88. OCC Transfer Center

    1. I really want to get into UCI but am worried I won’t get in during the fall 2024 semester with a gaming design major so my idea was to apply as an urban studies major and then once in, try to change to a gaming design major. Do you recommend I do this?
    2. My second idea (if I could even do this) is to apply to UCI as a gaming design major as a first choice major and urban studies (as my second choice major) through the Tag program so that I could get into UC Irvine for sure. Is that possible?

    1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone you knew has done a UC to CC to UC transfer. I have personal reasons to why I would like to go this route but I don’t think this is a common way in doing so. I wonder if I can still be apart of the TAG program and if my UC credits can cover those 30 min credits to be eligible for TAG. I would then spend my sophomore year at my local CC. Thank you!!

  89. Hi Lindy, I plan on tagging UC Davis next year, but I will only be full time summer of 2024, fall of 2024, and spring of 2025- does that meet the 3 semester full time requirement? Or does it have to be Spring, Fall, Spring? And can I count as full time if I’m getting a total of 13 units over the Summer from two different ccc’s?

    1. It is spring, fall, spring — but if you are working and can document it, they make exceptions. What you need to do is find the UC Davis TAG rep for your CCC and get them to approve the situation. Search the UC Davis TAG page and somewhere up there are the listed Davis reps for each community college or district, along with email addresses.

  90. hello I was curious about TAG and how my certain situation would work out? So I really want to get accepted into either UC irvine or Davis and im planing going to a ccc to study in chemisty and to TAG one of the UC’s. However the career I want to go into is Pharmacy, so I was gonna change my degree to pharmaceutical sciences or pharmaceutical chemistry to get a Bachelors. So would I be able to change my degree to a pharmacy type when applying to TAG, instead of sticking to chemistry because they’re in the same field of STEM? Or would I have to apply to the UC by TAGing it with the same degree in chemistry and then maybe changing it to the degree I want after I’ve been admitted and accepted and started school there for awhile. Or If i did try that, would that not work either and I only be looking foolish thinking I can change my degree once I’ve started going to the UC (In terms that I was accepted through their TAG). If you are able to help clarify this, it be appreciated :D. Thank you.

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